Princeton class sets Guinness Record for largest group of people wearing tennis outfits
Princeton Guinness World Record

The Princeton class of 1998 set the Guinness World Record for the Largest Gathering of People Wearing Tennis Outfits on June 1st, 2013 with 252 folks fully donned in tennis gear.

The idea came from the class of 1998's tennis-themed 15th reunion "'15-Love: 98 Aces the Fifteenth".

According to class member and reunion co-chair Beth Brett, who played #3 singles on the women’s varsity team at Princeton, the record is a first for Guinness and the "record-breaker" of 250 was set by researchers at Guinness. The Class of 1998 came in with 252 people, making them the largest gathering of people in tennis gear. 

Current Princeton head tennis coaches Laura Granville and Billy Pate and their teams helped by spreading the word, loaning their tennis rackets and tennis balls and, ultimately, reaching out to Prince rackets to borrow 200 rackets for the occasion. To be counted for the record, which was officiated by a Guinness adjudicator, everyone needed to be wearing full tennis gear, shoes, and holding both a racket and tennis ball.

“It was a truly terrific moment bringing together the University, our class and the greater community as we invited all to participate,” Brett said. “This was definitely a very proud moment!“Princeton Guinness World Record2

They also made the June edition of Sports Illustrated!  The Sports Illustrated news item stated: "Members of Princeton Class of 1998, who assembled at reunions clad in tennis whites, toting rackets and wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the class motto "15-Love," set a Guinness record for the largest gathering of people in tennis attire."  

Photo above: Princeton class of 1998 setting the Guinness World Record (photo credit

Photo at right, Princeton women's head tennis coach Laura Granvile, Beth Brett and Princeton men's head tennis coach Billy Pate.

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