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Oracle ITA National Fall Championships Preview Scroll-2017-10-30

TEMPE, Ariz. –
The final event of the collegiate tennis fall season gets underway Wednesday, as the nation’s top singles and doubles players gather in Palm Desert, California, to compete in the inaugural Oracle ITA National Fall Championships.

The Oracle ITA National Fall Championships will feature a 64-player singles draw, while doubles consist of a 32-team draw. Matches will take place at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa and the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Players qualified for the tournament through designated placings at earlier ITA National Championships and the ITA Regional Championships Presented by Oracle. You can see a full breakdown of the selection criteria here.

Draws, schedule of play, daily recaps and photo gallery links can be found on the Oracle ITA National Fall Championships event page. Live scoring via Tennis Ticker will be available at both site locations, while TempuZ will provide live streaming coverage from two courts at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Links to both live scoring and streaming are also available on the event page. You can also follow the conversation on Twitter by following @ITA_Tennis and @OracleTennis and using the hashtag #ITAFallNats.

Anna Danilina from defending NCAA national champion Florida is the No. 1 seed in the deep and talented women’s singles draw. Oracle ITA Masters singles champion, Alle Sanford of North Carolina, is the No. 5 seed and Milwaukee Tennis Classic champion, Sinead Lohan of Miami, is the No. 7 seed. The Hurricanes and Waves each feature two seeded players, as Lohan’s teammate, Estela Perez-Somarriba is the No. 9 seed, while Pepperdine’s Ashley Lahey is the No. 2 seed and Mayar Ahmed is the No. 15 seed. Fernanda Contreras of Vanderbilt, winner of the Riviera/ITA Women’s All-American Singles Championship, is the No. 13 seed.

Nuno Borges of Mississippi State enters the Oracle ITA National Fall Championships men’s singles draw as the No. 1 seed. He’s followed by 2017 Oracle ITA Masters singles champion, Brandon Holt of USC. Wake Forest is the lone team with two players in the top eight seeds, with Petros Chrysochos and Skander Mansouri at No.’s 3 and 4, respectively. Georgia has three seeded players in the draw; Emil Reinberg is No. 6, while Walker Duncan and Wayne Montgomery check in at No.’s 13 and 14.

The four women’s doubles semifinalists from the Riviera/ITA Women’s All-American Championships make up 50 percent of the seeded teams in the Oracle ITA National Fall Championships draw. Duke’s Ellyse Hamlin and Kaitlyn McCarthy won the Women’s All-American doubles title, and are the No. 1-seeded team. Teammates Kelly Chen and Samantha Harris are seeded third. Women’s All-American runners-up Sarah Dvorak and Sabrina Federici of Texas Tech are the No. 2 seed, while Syracuse’s Gabriela Knutson and Miranda Ramirez are the No. 8 seed.

Florida’s Johannes Ingildsen and Alfredo Perez are the No. 1-seeded team in the men’s doubles draw. Ingildsen and Perez won the men’s doubles title at the Saint Francis Health System ITA Men’s All-American Championships. Teammates McClain Kessler and Duarte Vale are seeded seventh, while another team from the state of Florida, Jose Garcia and Lucas Poullain of Florida State, are the No. 3 seed.

Women’s Singles – Seeds
No. 1 – Anna Danilina, Florida
No. 2 – Ashley Lahey, Pepperdine
No. 3 – Karla Popovic, California
No. 4 – Ena Shibahara, UCLA
No. 5 – Alle Sanford, North Carolina
No. 6 – Katarina Jokic, Georgia
No. 7 – Sinead Lohan, Miami
No. 8 – Gabriela Talaba, Texas Tech
No. 9 – Estela Perez-Somarriba, Miami
No. 10 – Anastasia Rychagova, Kansas
No. 11 – Samantha Harris, Duke
No. 12 – Michaela Gordon, Stanford
No. 13 – Fernanda Contreras, Vanderbilt
No. 14 – Kate Fahey, Michigan
No. 15 – Mayar Ahmed, Pepperdine
No. 16 – Leolia Jeanjean, Arkansas

Men’s Singles – Seeds
No. 1 – Nuno Borges, Mississippi State
No. 2 – Brandon Holt, USC
No. 3 – Petros Chrysochos, Wake Forest
No. 4 – Skander Mansouri, Wake Forest
No. 5 – Martin Redlicki, UCLA
No. 6 – Emil Reinberg, Georgia
No. 7 – Constantin Schmitz, Tulane
No. 8 – Johannes Schretter, Baylor
No. 9 – Alfredo Perez, Florida
No. 10 – JJ Wolf, Ohio State
No. 11 – Michael Geerts, Arizona State
No. 12 – Johannes Ingildsen, Florida
No. 13 – Walker Duncan, Georgia
No. 14 – Wayne Montgomery, Georgia
No. 15 – Jordi Arconada, Texas A&M
No. 16 – Thomas Laurent, Oregon

Women’s Doubles – Seeds
No. 1 – Ellyse Hamlin/Kaitlyn McCarthy, Duke
No. 2 – Sarah Dvorak/Sabrina Federici, Texas Tech
No. 3 – Kelly Chen/Samantha Harris, Duke
No. 4 – Vladica Babic/Sofia Blanco, Oklahoma State
No. 5 – Rosie Johanson/Meghan Kelley, Virginia
No. 6 – Jessie Aney/Alexa Graham, North Carolina
No. 7 – Paige Hourigan/Kenya Jones, Georgia Tech
No. 8 – Gabriela Knutson/Miranda Ramirez, Syracuse

Men’s Doubles – Seeds
No. 1 – Johannes Ingildsen/Alfredo Perez, Florida
No. 2 – Will Little/Johannes Schretter, Baylor
No. 3 – Jose Garcia/Lucas Poullain, Florida State
No. 4 – Christopher Kougoucheff/Parker Wynn, Louisville
No. 5 – Robert Loeb/Jan Zielinski, Georgia
No. 6 – Mitch Harper/Henrik Korsgaard, Virginia Tech
No. 7 – McClain Kessler/Duarte Vale, Florida
No. 8 – Leo Telles/Rodrigo Banzer, Texas