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2008 ITA All-Academic Teams and Scholar-Athletes

The ITA All-Academic Team award is open to any ITA program that has a cumulative team grade point average of 3.20 or above (on a 4.00 scale). All eligible student-athletes whose names appear on the NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA eligibility form and have competed in one or more varsity matches must average into the GPA for the current academic year (including fall 2007 and spring 2008).

In order to earn ITA Scholar-Athlete status a player must meet the following criteria: 1.) be a varsity letter winner, 2.) have a grade point average of at least 3.50 (on a 4.00 scale) for the current academic year, and 3.) have been enrolled at their present school for at least 2 semesters (including freshman thorough senior year).

Division I Men Division I Women Division II Men
Division II Women Division III Men Division III Women
NAIA Men NAIA Women Junior College Men
Junior College Women

2008 ITA All-Academic Teams and Scholar-Athletes
(as of December 10, 2008, 10:30am EST)

ITA All-Academic Teams - Division I Men (43)
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Baylor University
Belmont University
Brown University
University of California - Davis
University of California - Irvine
Coastal Carolina University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Creighton University
Dartmouth College
University of Denver
Duke University
Farleigh Dickinson University
Gardner-Webb University
Gonzaga University
Indiana University
University of Iowa
Lafayette College
University of Memphis
Michigan State University
University of Minnesota
University of Mississippi
University of Missouri, Kansas City
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
University of Nevada, Reno
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State University
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Penn State University
Princeton University
Rice University
University of South Florida
Stanford University
Stony Brook University
Texas Tech University
The Citidel
University of Tulsa
U.S. Naval Academy
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Tech
University of Washington
Western Michigan University
Winthrop University
Yale University

ITA Scholar Athletes - Division I Men (271)
Division I Men Division I Women Division II Men
Division II Women Division III Men Division III Women
NAIA Men NAIA Women Junior College Men
Junior College Women
Eunsik (Michael) Jung University of Alabama
Saketh Myneni University of Alabama
Thomas Bellama Arizona State University
Adson Abrao University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Marko Ballok University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Juan Carlos Nunez University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Rain Roigas University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Dorian Sovic University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Shaun Bussert Ball State University
Matt Brown Baylor University
Dominik Mueller Baylor University
Felipe Cirne Lima Belmont University
Francisco Garcia Belmont University
Ignacio Gesto Belmont University
Marshall Lipman Belmont University
Brady Manifold Belmont University
Fausto Rocha Belmont University
Ira Reibeisen Bucknell University
Chris Lee Brown University
Jon Pearlman Brown University
Charlie Posner Brown University
Basu Ratnam Brown University
Cody Simmons Brown University
Daniel Bednarek Bucknell University
Eric Rothstein University of Buffalo
Ezra Bernstein University of Buffal
Dan Elefant Univeristy of California, Davis
Henri Landes University of California, Davis
Andrew Bertolina University of California, Irvine
Victor Lamm University of California, Irvine
Ryan Mayer University of California, Irvine
Douglas Taylor University of California, Irvine
Blaze Schwartz University of Central Florida
Robert Fox Cleveland State University
Brad Groleski Cleveland State University
Rob West Cleveland State University
Steve Wipprecht Cleveland State University
David Mellis Coastal Carolina University
Ernesto Ramos Coastal Carolina University
Dmitry Vlaskin Coastal Carolina University
Plamen Tzvekov Coastal Carolina University
Michael Bohnen Columbia University
Jonathan Chan Columbia University
Jared Drucker Columbia University
Jacob Feldman Columbia University
Daniel Urban Columbia University
Marc Asch Cornell University
Jonathan Fife Cornell University
Andrew Gauthier Cornell University
Joshua Goldstein Cornell University
Richard Offutt Cornell University
Bryant Yung Cornell University
Michael Elson Creighton University
Jose Guerra Creighton University
Bryan Lube Creighton University
Brian Ward Creighton University
Mark Brodie Darmouth College
Charles Dunn Darmouth College
David Fink Darmouth College
Ari Gayer Darmouth College
S. William Grief Darmouth College
David Steinberg Darmouth College
Nick Piacente University of Delaware
Chris Hincker University of Delaware
Chris Hincker University of Delaware
Nick Piacente University of Delaware
Benny Althaus University of Denver
Ravjot Dhatt University of Denver
Adam Holmstrom University of Denver
Niklas Persson University of Denver
Carl Rosen University of Denver
David Simson University of Denver
Dylan Arnould Duke University
Kiril Dimitrov Duke University
David Goulet Duke University
Jared Pinsky Duke University
Alexander Stone Duke University
Kevin Beard Elon University
Cody Stauffer-MacDowell Elon University
Mark Kremheller Farfield University
Balazs Szikla Farfield University
Kyle Eddins Farleigh Dickinson University
Priit Gross Farleigh Dickinson University
Miroslav Piven Farleigh Dickinson University
Justin Seow Farleigh Dickinson University
Daniel Knause Furman University
Jordan Walters Furman University
Andy Juc Furman University
Sawyer Duncan Furman University
Ryan Bernthal Gardner-Webb University
Taylor Ferrier Gardner-Webb University
Andrew Veeder Gardner-Webb University
Yan Levinski George Washington University
Alex Hill University of Georgia
Ryan Smith Georgia Tech
Jose Muguruza Georgia Tech
George Gvelesiani Georgia Tech
Scott Blackmon Georgia Tech
Scott Blackmon Georgia Tech
George Gvelesiani Georgia Tech
Jose Muguruza Georgia Tech
Ryan Smith Georgia Tech
Charles Adams Gonzaga University
Roman Dojcak Gonzaga University
Zack Radetzky Gonzaga University
Emmett Drake University of Hartford
Luka Djordjevic Hofstra University
Alex Hosner Hofstra University
Tytus Stempniewicz Hofstra University
Neilabh Avasthi Howard University
Amato Nocera Howard University
Tim Huynh University of Idaho
Sam Segerstrom University of Idaho
Marc Spicijaric University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Ruben Gonzales University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Xavier Riart-Ferrer Illinois State University
Francisco Sigaurd Indiana Purdue, Fort Wayne (IPFW)
Arturo Salgado Indiana Purdue, Fort Wayne (IPFW)
David Lynall Indiana Purdue, Fort Wayne (IPFW)
Diego Arteaga Indiana Purdue, Fort Wayne (IPFW)
Blake Douglas Indiana State University
Michael Wenham Indiana State University
Phillip Eilers Indiana University
Lachlan Stuart Ferguson Indiana University
Thomas Richter Indiana University
Reinoud Haal University of Iowa
Mathew Sawin University of Iowa
Bart van Monsjou University of Iowa
Lee Kojanis Lafayette College
Brett Kraft Lafayette College
Matt McGranaghan Lafayette College
James Murphy Lafayette College
Jan Zelezny Louisiana State University
Kevin Dessauer Louisiana State University
Sebastian Carlsson Louisiana State University
Loic Sessagesimi Marist College
Landon Greene Marist College
Gregory Marks Marist College
Michael Coleman University of Maryland
Nickolai Nielsen University of Maryland
Benedikt Fischer University of Memphis
Michael Gaerthoeffner University of Memphis
Spencer Heflin University of Memphis
Amrit Narasimhan University of Memphis
JC Whitner University of Miami
Scott Bruckman University of Michigan
Matko Maravic University of Michigan
Andrew Mazlin University of Michigan
Alex Forger Michigan State University
Brendan Kinkopf Michigan State University
Scott Rasmussen Michigan State University
Clark Richardson Michigan State University
John Stratton Michigan State University
Dino Bilankov University of Minnesota
Sebastian Gallego University of Minnesota
Derek Peterson University of Minnesota
Bram ten Berge University of Mississippi
Erling Tveit University of Mississippi
Matthias Wellermann University of Mississippi
Philippe Frayssinoux Mississippi State University
Ryan Farlow Mississippi State University
Patrick Smith University of Missouri - Kansas City
Dennis Schwarz University of Missouri - Kansas City
Kevon Charles Morgan State University
Pola Olczak Morgan State University
Disa Mhembere Morgan State University
Luca Barlocchi University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Wesley Burrows University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Bryan Miller University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Guerin Smith University of Nevada, Reno
Antone Bulich University of Nevada, Reno
Gabe Kanzelmeyer University of Nevada, Reno
Kristian Kuharszky University of Nevada, Reno
Laurent Garcin University of Nevada, Reno
Kamil Pajkowski University of New Mexico
Max Jones University of New Mexico
Gustave Diep New Mexico State
Jeffrey Pfeiffer New Mexico State
Guy Rutten New Mexico State
Roman Stoisavljevic New Mexico State
Steven Kopf Niagara University
Moritz Bernhoerster UNC Charlotte
Brad Clinard UNC Charlotte
Jay Weinacker North Carolina State University
Daniel Schinke North Carolina State University
Nicholas Cavaday North Carolina State University
David Seyferth Northwestern University
Mike O'Connell Ohio State University
Guillaume St-Maurice Penn State University
Jacob Toole Penn State University
Eric Riley University of Pennsylvania
Nicholas Bateman Praire View A&M University
Andy L. Narido, Jr. Praire View A&M University
Mark Cannatelli Presbyterian College
Brad Luciuk Presbyterian College
Patrick Fediuk Presbyterian College
Peter Capkovic Princeton University
Alex Faust Princeton University
Mark Gober Princeton University
Jeff Luse Princeton University
Ilya Trubov Princeton University
Alex Vuckovic Princeton University
Paul Foley Purdue University
Scott Salway Quinnipiac University
Jonathan Greenberg Rice University
Ralph Knupfer Rice University
Tobias Scheil Rice University
Sung Hoon Shin Rice University
Adam Reeb Saint Louis University
Sergey Igel Saint Peter's College
Mahmoud Hamed University of South Florida
Michael Nuesslein University of South Florida
William Sousa University of South Florida
Diego Toldeo University of South Florida
Tefo Bino Rasedisa Southern University, Baton Rouge
Antonio Farias St. Bonaventure University
Mikhail Sudakov St. Bonaventure University
Matt Bruch Stanford University
Greg Hirshman Stanford University
Edward Kelly Stanford University
Blake Muller Stanford University
Richard Wire Stanford University
Jeff Zeller Stanford University
Bret Feldman Stetson University
Peter Dzuba Stetson University
Marcus Echtler Stetson University
Yousseff Fassi-Fehri Stony Brook University
Ivan Rummel Stony Brook University
Ilan Shvartz Stony Brook University
Enrique Montemayor University of Texas - Pan American
Michael Breler Texas Tech University
Bojan Szumanski Texas Tech University
Jay Wofford Texas Tech University
Miguel Reyes-Varela University of Texas, Austin
Jonah Kane-West University of Texas, Austin
Hubert Chodkiewicz University of Texas, Austin
James Eason The Citadel
Alberto Diaz The Citadel
Frederic Perilli The Citadel
Yufo Sutantio The Citadel
Marko Zivkovic Troy University
Bastain Maucher Troy University
Arnau Brugues University of Tulsa
Andy Connelly University of Tulsa
Ross Cunningham University of Tulsa
Alex James U.S. Naval Academy
Nick Birger U.S. Naval Academy
Jason Hill U.S. Naval Academy
Alex James U.S. Naval Academy
Jason Hill U.S. Naval Academy
Nicholas Birger U.S. Naval Academy
Javier Tori USC Upstate
Sandy Franz USC Upstate
Sebastian Gonzales-Orbegoso USC Upstate
Timothy Allin Univ. of Utah
Othman Zerouali-Ouariti Univ. of Utah
Stephen Jacobs Univ. of Utah
Ryan Preston Vanderbilt University
Scott Lieberman Vanderbilt University
Alexandre G. Israel Virginia Commonwealth University
Emil Lindgren Virginia Commonwealth University
Pedro Graber Virginia Tech
Sebastien Jacques Virginia Tech
Ignaci Roca Virginia Tech
Andy Kuharszky University of Washington
Tobi Obenaus University of Washington
Zach Frisch Western Illinois University
Martin Bostrom Western Illinois University
Alex Birchmeier Western Michigan University
Michael Calderone Western Michigan University
Casey Cullen Western Michigan University
Kazuya Komada Western Michigan University
Bryan Norville Western Michigan University
Scott McCormick Wichita State University
Jonathan Obrist Wichita State University
Dan A. Chermaci Wichita State University
Richard Wardell College of William & Mary
Marcin Majchrzak Winthrop University
Andrea Merg Winthrop University
Jose Pardo Winthrop University
Alejandro Portugal Winthrop University
Arthur Takahashi Winthrop University
Brian Starr Xavier University
Michael Dieciuc Xavier University
Rory Green Yale University
Joshua Lederman Yale University
Thomas Santoro Yale University
Jordan Abergel Yale University
Ryan Berman Yale University

ITA All-Academic Teams - Division I Women(102)
University of Akron
University of Alabama
University of Albany
Appalachian State University
Arizona State University
Arkansas State University
University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Ball State University
Bethune-Cookman University
Boise State University
Bowling Green State University
Bradley University
Brown University
University of Buffalo
University of Central Florida
Cleveland State University
Coastal Carolina University
University of Colorado at Boulder
Columbia University
Cornell University
Creighton University
Dartmouth College
University of Denver
DePaul University
University of Detroit Mercy
Duke University
East Carolina University
East Tennessee State University
Eastern Michigan University
Elon University
University of Evansville
Fairleigh Dickinson University
University of Florida
Florida State University
Fresno State
Gardner-Webb University
Gonzaga University
Hartford University
Hofstra University
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Indiana University
Iowa State University
Lafayette College
Long Beach State
Louisiana State University
Loyola Marymount
University of Maryland
University of Maryland Baltimore County
University of Massachusetts
University of Memphis
University of Miami
Michigan State University
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri, Kansas City
University of Mississippi
Mississippi State University
University of Nevada, Reno
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State
University of North Texas
University of Northern Iowa
Northwestern University
Notre Dame
Ohio State University
University of Oklahoma
University of the Pacific
Penn State University
University of Pittsburgh
Princeton University
Quinnipiac University
Rice University
Rutgers University
Sacred Heart University
Saint Louis University
Seton Hall University
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Texas Christian University
Texas Tech University
University of Texas-Pan American
Troy University
UC Riverside
UNC Asheville
UNC Charlotte
UNC Greensboro
Vanderbilt University
University of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University
University of Washington
Washington State University
Western Carolina University
Western Illinois University
Western Michigan University
Wichita State University
Winthrop University
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Wyoming
Xavier University
Yale University

ITA Scholar Athletes - Division I Women (501)
Alyssa Carlson University of Akron
Kerry Langworthy University of Akron
Amy Sherlock University of Akron
Paulina Bigos University of Alabama
Shelley Godwin University of Alabama
Allison Nolen University of Alabama
Alice Tunaru University of Alabama
Melissa Coughlin University of Albany
Caitlin Crowley University of Albany
Amanda Hall University of Albany
Aimee Kern University of Albany
Kimberly Weltman University of Albany
Frances Blanton Appalachian State University
Mallory Cook Appalachian State University
Anna Cotten Appalachian State University
Anja Gugger Appalachian State University
Elizabeth Holland Appalachian State University
Caroline Mauch Appalachian State University
Michaela Hein Arizona State University
Amanda Martin Arizona State University
Kelcy McKenna Arizona State University
Renee' Branker Arkansas State University
Paula Chelminska Arkansas State University
Tina Ojdanic Arkansas State University
Maria Oprea Arkansas State University
Leydi Zora Arkansas State University
Nathalia Garay University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Ariz Gomez-Jordan University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Rebecca Van Den Houte University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Anne Weijenborg University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Haly Calderwood Ball State University
Stephanie Farrar Ball State University
Hayley Hall Ball State University
Jennifer Pollack Ball State University
Emma Retter Ball State University
Georgina Thomson Ball State University
Karolina Filipiak Baylor University
Taylor Ormond Baylor University
Tatiana Pozo Belmont University
Kelly Pence Belmont University
Linda Johansson Belmont University
Monika Musilova Bethune-Cookman University
Jeneice Ward Bethune-Cookman University
Laura Baum Boise State University
Bianca Jochimsen Boise State University
Jana Mackova Boise State University
Danielle Abraham Boston University
Cori Lefkowith Boston University
Francine Whu Boston University
Christine Chiricosta Bowling Green State University
Kelsey Jakupcin Bowling Green State University
Stefanie Menoff Bowling Green State University
Andrea Volle Bowling Green State University
Kim Braun Bradley University
Erin Krubeck Bradley University
Alexa Baggio Brown University
Emily Ellis Brown University
Brett Finkelstein Brown University
Kelley Kirkpatrick Brown University
Sara Mansur Brown University
Marisa Schonfeld Brown University
Carlin Calcaterra Bucknell University
Renee Weissend Bucknell University
Denise Harijanto University of Buffalo
Tina Jacob University of Buffalo
Aleksandra Petrova University of Buffalo
Diana Popescu University of Buffalo
Caitlin Turner University of Buffalo
Brittany Elise Kausen University of California at Santa Barbara
Jessica Harris University of California, Davis
Andrea Phillips University of California, Davis
Shawdee Rouhafza University of California, Davis
Randi Schuler University of California, Davis
Jennifer Carati University of Central Florida
Elvira Serrot University of Central Florida
Anna Yakimchenkova University of Central Florida
Emily Dyar College of Charleston
Amanda Becker College of Charleston
Estefania Balda Alvarez Clemson University
Kathryn Gerber Clemson University
Laurianne Henry Clemson University
Sanda Bjelan Cleveland State University
Lindsay Sellers Cleveland State University
Jackie Tabb Cleveland State University
Christine Vogelgesang Cleveland State University
Sofie Ahlberg Coastal Carolina University
Amy Pazahanick Coastal Carolina University
Tina Petkova Coastal Carolina University
Kim Webb Coastal Carolina University
Gleisy Torres Torres University of Colorado at Boulder
Laura Neal Colorado State University
Kirsten Stople Colorado State University
Hilary Tyler Colorado State University
Lauren Shearer Columbia University
Nina Suda Columbia University
Dana Cruite Cornell University
Weatherly Schwab Cornell University
Leesa Cadwallader Creighton University
Sarah Cadwallader Creighton University
Lindsey Erickson Creighton University
Lauren Mastro Creighton University
Jodi Yanagida Creighton University
Jamie Caplan Dartmouth College
Catja Carrell Dartmouth College
Carley Markovitz Dartmouth College
Julia Zak Dartmouth College
Megan Zebroski Dartmouth College
Ivana Petrich University of Delaware
Susan Pollack University of Delaware
Annette Aksadal University of Denver
Julia Bauregger University of Denver
Ute Jehnoy University of Denver
Mallory Voelker University of Denver
Kaja Smole University of Denver
Dunja Antunovic DePaul University
Bea Csordas DePaul University
Kirsten Gambrell DePaul University
Gergana Ganeva DePaul University
Katarina Milinkovic DePaul University
Bojana Murisic DePaul University
Selma Salkovic DePaul University
Svetlana Flankova University of Detroit Mercy
Stephanie Hill University of Detroit Mercy
Amy Inman University of Detroit Mercy
Erin Weldon University of Detroit Mercy
Tara Iyer Duke University
Melissa Mang Duke University
Tory Zawacki Duke University
Reka Zsilinszka Duke University
Jessica Cooke East Carolina University
Sheelah Iyengar East Carolina University
Alexandra Overcash East Carolina University
Hannah Priest East Carolina University
Alexandra Smith East Carolina University
Varinia Soler Bravo East Carolina University
Brooke Walter East Carolina University
Volha Batsula East Tennessee State University
Tara Byrne East Tennessee State University
Yevgeniya Stupak East Tennessee State University
Whitney Trotter East Tennessee State University
Andra Voinea East Tennessee State University
Catharina Bestehorn Eastern Michigan University
Sandra Wikstrom Eastern Michigan University
Vanessa Frankowski Eastern Michigan University
Aditi Krishnan Eastern Michigan University
Aleksandra Stankovic Eastern Michigan University
Joanna Woo Eastern Michigan University
Whitney Butcher Elon University
Paige Kensrue Elon University
Jessica Margolis Elon University
Jennifer Tucci Elon University
Hayley Wahl Elon University
Kate Chybowski University of Evansville
Susan Elliot University of Evansville
Stephanie Millis University of Evansville
Sara Wilhoite University of Evansville
Marisa Voloshin Fairfield University
Ksenia Chrnyshova Fairleigh Dickinson University
Sarah Delliere Fairleigh Dickinson University
Julija Korsunova Fairleigh Dickinson University
Marrit Boonstra University of Florida
Lolita Frangulyan University of Florida
Tapiwa Marobela Florida State University
Ekaterina Rybakova Florida State University
Anna Rynaezewska Florida State University
Ferderica Suess Florida State University
Danon Beatty Fresno State
Melanie Gloria Fresno State
Jacqueline Haskett Fresno State
Anstasia Petukhova Fresno State
Laura Gioia Furman University
Lauren Tomory Furman University
Amy Beavers Gardner-Webb University
Kasey Ellis Gardner-Webb University
Laura Kriett Gardner-Webb University
Allie Mills Gardner-Webb University
Nicole Scates Gardner-Webb University
Naoko Ueshima University of Georgia
Kelley Moore University of Georgia
Kristi Miller Georgia Tech
Katie Colton Gonzaga University
Laura Housinger Gonzaga University
Erin Humphrey Gonzaga University
Aglaya Kokurina Gonzaga University
Sydney Lederhouse Gonzaga University
Raquel Casino Hartford University
Nicole Haynal Hartford University
Jessica Ruggles Hartford University
Morganne Downing Hofstra University
Lauren Clifton Hofstra University
Valerie McDonald Hofstra University
Tracy Ferrar Hofstra University
Zoe Taylor Hofstra University
Neila Starratt University of Houston
Courtney Dorsey Howard University
Whitney Ambush Howard University
Jana Slwa University of Idaho
Justine Textor University of Idaho
Leigh Finnegan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Megan Fudge University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Alejandra Meza Cuadra Bisso University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Momei University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Christine Stromberg University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Marie Caujolle Indiana State University
Sarah Meghoufel Indiana State University
Jennifer Migan Indiana State University
Joanne Schickerling Indiana State University
Alba Berdala Indiana University
Sigrid Fischer Indiana University
Maria Antonia Bispen Guerreiro Indiana University
Stephanie Leigh Heller Indiana University
Myriam Sopel Indiana University
Brianna Nicole Williams Indiana University
Lynn Poggensee-Wei University of Iowa
Jennifer Barnes University of Iowa
Amanda Davis Iowa State University
Chrissy Derouin Iowa State University
Kara Hickey Iowa State University
Erin Karonis Iowa State University
Reka Kelemen Iowa State University
Caitlin Loprinzi Iowa State University
Rafaela Hadba IPFW
Hanna Hager IPFW
Sachiko Janek IPFW
Stacy Lish IPFW
Alexa Rang IPFW
Megan Rethlake IPFW
Barrett Donner James Madison University
Briana Jain James Madison University
Kelly Maxwell James Madison University
Kristin Nimitz James Madison University
Jacqui Bonder Lafayette College
Kristie Cavanagh Lafayette College
Sarah Sykes Lafayette College
Deborah Armstrong Long Beach State
Stephanie Bengson Long Beach State
Hannah Grady Long Beach State
Lisa Haegele Long Beach State
Jessica Weeks Long Beach State
Kylie Adamek Louisina State University
Megan Falcon Louisina State University
Nicole Kantor Louisina State University
Sloane Mathis Louisina State University
Hannah Robinson Louisina State University
Staten Spencer Louisina State University
Tiffany Tucker Louisina State University
Shawnell Russell Loyola Marymount
Audra Silman Loyola Marymount
Tamara Tanner Loyola Marymount
Natalie Tejada Loyola Marymount
Jessica Keener Marshall University
Thaddea Lock Marshall University
Kassie Moore Marshall University
Isabell Raich Marshall University
Michal Amir University of Maryland
Julia Huschke University of Maryland
Margaret MacKeever University of Maryland
Cornelia Carapcea University of Maryland Baltimore County
Pascaline Cette University of Maryland Baltimore County
Alice Chen University of Maryland Baltimore County
Emily Mannix University of Maryland Baltimore County
Kaitlyn Carpenter University of Massachusetts
Laura Danai University of Massachusetts
Stephanie Gimenez University of Massachusetts
Maude Lecluyse University of Massachusetts
Masa Pozar University of Massachusetts
Dara Toulch University of Memphis
Kristin Chamberlain University of Memphis
Dara Toulch University of Memphis
Bianca Eichkorn University of Miami
Michaela Kissell University of Miami
Laura Vallverdu University of Miami
Lindsey Howard University of Michigan
Allie Shafner University of Michigan
Kate Bonnen Michigan State University
Stephanie Kebler Michigan State University
Christine Milliken Michigan State University
Ana Milosavljevic Michigan State University
Manon Noe Michigan State University
Danielle Mousseau University of Minnesota
Mikayla Rogers University of Minnesota
Alexandra Seaton University of Minnesota
Mimi Renaudin University of Mississippi
Preethi Subramanian University of Mississippi
Martina Banikova Mississippi State University
Tatiana Feit Mississippi State University
Radka Ferancova Mississippi State University
Renee Joseph Mississippi State University
Caitlin Burke University of Missouri, Kansas City
Megan Titus University of Missouri, Kansas City
Adriana Alvarez Murray State University
Katelyn Fulcher Murray State University
Anne Pennington Murray State University
Caroline Bailly University of Nevada, Reno
Ly-Huong Dinh University of Nevada, Reno
Masako Horino University of Nevada, Reno
Ola Abou-Zekry University of New Mexico
Emma Hayman University of New Mexico
Lucy Scott University of New Mexico
Maria Sotirchos University of New Mexico
Victoria Tessmar University of New Mexico
Mackenzie White University of New Mexico
Sandra Zmak University of New Mexico
Aleksa Costa New Mexico State
Bianaca Discorida New Mexico State
Stephanie Eusebe New Mexico State
Anne Fagegaltier New Mexico State
Zeljka Juricek New Mexico State
Sophia Marks New Mexico State
Alexandrea Rios New Mexico State
Paulina Zuniga New Mexico State
Louise Bottomley UNC Asheville
Tania Mateva UNC Asheville
Leslie Smith UNC Asheville
Candace Cunningham UNC Charlotte
Koren Fleming UNC Charlotte
Ana Spivakowsky UNC Charlotte
Yana Stoeva UNC Charlotte
Jessica Eblen UNC Greensboro
Arielle Vonstrolley UNC Greensboro
Erica Zabkar UNC Greensboro
Katie Carlson UNC Wilmington
Lauren Fuenning UNC Wilmington
Chelsea Kahle UNC Wilmington
Priscilla Roberts UNC Wilmington
Kayla Schwenk UNC Wilmington
Neils Barringer North Carolina State University
Catherine Grotz North Carolina State University
Amy Joubert University of North Texas
Shannon Mackenzie University of North Texas
Samantha Moreton University of North Texas
Rachel Wilhelm University of North Texas
Carolina Hannes University of Northern Iowa
Sampada Kanade University of Northern Iowa
Ashton Schnerin University of Northern Iowa
Samantha Schnobel University of Northern Iowa
Maria Mosolova Northwestern University
Samantha Murray Northwestern University
Brook Buck Notre Dame
Cosmina Ciobanu Notre Dame
Denise Ellison Notre Dame
Colleen Rielley Notre Dame
Kelcy Tefft Notre Dame
Julie Blackmore Ohio State University
Angela DiPastina Ohio State University
Christina Keesey Ohio State University
Caitlin O'Keefe Ohio State University
Julie Voss Ohio State University
Brittany Baldy University of Oklahoma
Christina Bazley University of Oklahoma
Ana-Maria Constantinescu University of Oklahoma
Rachell Cox University of Oklahoma
Tara Eckel University of Oklahoma
Maria Kalashnikova University of Oklahoma
Katelyn BeVard Penn State University
Dorothy Dohanics Penn State University
Julie Raezer Penn State University
Jennifer Shular Penn State University
Elizabeth Adams University of Pittsburgh
Kristy Borza University of Pittsburgh
Melanie C. Brown Prairie View A&M University
Candace Michele Culmer Prairie View A&M University
Antoinette M. Majors Prairie View A&M University
Traci M. Quan Prairie View A&M University
Sarah Hoffman Princeton University
Melissa Saiontz Princeton University
Kristen Scott Princeton University
Kelly Stewart Princeton University
Brooke Beier Purdue University
Nicole Adams Quinnipiac University
Kasey Rosenberger Quinnipiac University
Alicia Warshavsky Quinnipiac University
Emily Braid Rice University
Julie Chao Rice University
Dominique Kavas Rice University
Rebecca Lin Rice University
Caitlin Baker Rutgers University
Anela Dujsic Rutgers University
Christine Tran Rutgers University
Amy Zhang Rutgers University
Ashley Amalfe Sacred Heart University
Elizabeth Harrington Sacred Heart University
Julianne Kasinow Sacred Heart University
Britany Price Sacred Heart University
Jessica Schnell Sacred Heart University
Lindsey Scierka Sacred Heart University
Allison Dobbins Saint Louis University
Hailee Elmore Saint Louis University
Tara Grant Saint Louis University
Caitlin McKenna Saint Louis University
Casey Miller Saint Louis University
Sarah Septien Saint Louis University
Kristy Bonner Saint Peter's College
Meredith Earley Saint Peter's College
Liza Chu Seton Hall University
Denise Liebschner Seton Hall University
Janette Bejlkova University of South Florida
Natalia Guevara University of South Florida
Iciri Rai University of South Florida
Lauren Shumate University of South Florida
Martina Ce Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Michela Cruise Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Janelle Mosley Southern University, Baton Rouge
Bethlehem Workeneh Southern University, Baton Rouge
Eileen Horgan St. Bonaventure University
Anna Martorell St. Bonaventure University
Vanessa Rumpel St. Bonaventure University
Catherine Canady Stetson University
Samantha Lange Stetson University
Anna Leonenko Stetson University
Daniella Palmiotto Stetson University
Katherine St. Clair Stetson University
Susara Potgieter Texas A&M University
Sarah Lancaster University of Texas at Austin
Caroline Larsson University of Texas at Austin
Jane Pringle University of Texas at Austin
Courtney Zauft University of Texas at Austin
Maria Babanova Texas Christian University
Melissa Bere Texas Christian University
Macall Harkins Texas Christian University
Andrea Morgado Texas Christian University
Anna Sydorska Texas Christian University
Katariina Tuohimaa Texas Christian University
Ingrid Ballus Texas Tech University
Janet Durham Texas Tech University
Kelsy Garland Texas Tech University
Simone Templeton Texas Tech University
Samantha van der Drift Texas Tech University
Luisa Cantu University of Texas-Pan American
Giana Oliveira University of Texas-Pan American
Jolanta Twarowska University of the Pacific
Rawai El-sisi Troy University
Mirte De Bakker Troy University
Caroline Jouanin Troy University
Nicole Shaw Troy University
Thalia Diaz-Barriga University of Tulsa
Rebecca Row University of Tulsa
Agostina Santoro University of Tulsa
Jie Zeng University of Tulsa
Alexandra Khoury UC Riverside
Donna McCullough UC Riverside
Erynne Oki UC Riverside
Nadia Sakhakorn UC Riverside
Yasaman Sakhakorn UC Riverside
Elena Gantcheva UNLV
Anna Maskaljun UNLV
Alisa Razina UNLV
Susana Hernandez USC Upstate
Daniela Lovera USC Upstate
Diana Martinez USC Upstate
Vivian Neuenschwander USC Upstate
Caroline Ferrell Vanderbilt University
Katherine Kilborn Vanderbilt University
Catherine Newman Vanderbilt University
Courtney Ulery Vanderbilt University
Keilly Ulery Vanderbilt University
Kristen McVitty University of Virginia
Cathleen Nimitz University of Virginia
Lindsey Pereira University of Virginia
Amanda Rales University of Virginia
Viktoriya Konstantinova Virginia Commonwealth University
Tatsiana Uvarova Virginia Commonwealth University
Natalie Kretzer Virginia Tech
Venise Chan University of Washington
Aleksandra Krsljanin University of Washington
Allison Rainey University of Washington
Tara Simpson University of Washington
Ekaterina Burduli Washington State University
Carmen-Bianca Selaru Washington State University
Heather Bell Western Carolina University
Trish Hanson Western Carolina University
Susanna Sjokvist Western Carolina University
Stephanie Baumer Western Illinois University
Ashley Clark Western Illinois University
Amanda Griffin Western Illinois University
Kate Kennedy Western Illinois University
Zi Wang Western Illinois University
Yuka Kobayashi Western Michigan University
Amanda Moccia Western Michigan University
Ashley Moccia Western Michigan University
Kerstin Pahl Western Michigan University
Priyanka Parekh Western Michigan University
Noriko Saruta Western Michigan University
Lenore Lazaroiu Wichita State University
Paty Coimbra Winthrop University
Paula Pereira Winthrop University
Kelly Drvaric University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Kari Kastenholz University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Sammi Schoen University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Ashley Schoneman University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Rebecca Berger University of Wyoming
Brittany DeFelice University of Wyoming
Corina Lazar University of Wyoming
Carly Van Hollen University of Wyoming
Kara Courtney Xavier University
Anne Diedalis Xavier University
Jillian Ducro Xavier University
Kelsey Kinnard Xavier University
Christine Pleiman Xavier University
Janet Kim Yale University
Lilian Nguyen Yale University
Jessica Rhee Yale University

ITA All-Academic Teams - Division II Men(18)
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Barry University
Bentley College
Brevard College
Florida Southern College
Hawaii Pacific University
Lincoln Memorial University
Lynn University
Mercyhurst College
Michigan Technological University
Northern Kentucky University
Ouachita Baptist University
Rockhurst University
Southwest Baptist University
Tusculum College
University of Indianapolis
University of Missouri-St Louis
Western New Mexicco University

ITA Scholar Athletes - Division II Men (92)
Ryan Hudson Abilene Christian University
Bryan Joiner Abilene Christian University
William Jones Abilene Christian University
Andres Buse University of Alabama Huntsville
Alldad Michael Garcia University of Alabama Huntsville
Paul Bishop Armstrong Atlantic State University
Robert Jendelund Armstrong Atlantic State University
Davor Zink Armstrong Atlantic State University
Manuel Lauter Barry University
Patrick Rittenauer Barry University
Roman Werschel Barry University
Paul Clark Bellarmine University
Nicohla Janssen-Bernard Bellarmine University
Bruce Tabor Bellarmine University
Benjamin Burkholz Bentley College
Scott Rosen Bentley College
Ben Allweil Brevard College
Shane Apps Brevard College
Jared Fisher Brevard College
Travis Wierback Brevard College
Paul Janse Van Rensburg Columbus State University
Guenther Fercher Florida Southern College
Michael Knoedler Florida Southern College
Justin Laflamme Florida Southern College
Roman Schirmaier Florida Southern College
Ben Taylor Florida Southern College
Alex Thesleff Florida Southern College
Brett Atkinson Florida Tech
David Fowler Florida Tech
Xavier Landazuri Florida Tech
Dwight Pate Florida Tech
Tony Bertucci Georgia College
Renato Tamashiro Grand Valley State University
Patrick Troy Grand Valley State University
Hendrik Bode Hawaii Pacific University
Mark Mestan Hawaii Pacific University
J D Greenlee Univeristy of Indianapolis
Werner Henning Univeristy of Indianapolis
Kyle Prow Univeristy of Indianapolis
Mark dos Prazeres Silva Univeristy of Indianapolis
Aaron Hutcherson Johnson C Smith University
Jason Stuckey Johnson C Smith University
Damien Cordesse Lander University
Guilherme Fonseca Lander University
Robert Mega Lewis University
Hannes Ganss Lincoln Memorial University
Cody Swindall Lincoln Memorial University
Arthur Beavis Lynn University
Lorenzo Cava Lynn University
Axel Joachim Lynn University
Diego Rodriguez Lynn University
Alex Zara Lynn University
Tim Hansson Mercyhurst College
Kyle King Mercyhurst College
Mateusz Prybysz Mercyhurst College
Brandon Ellefson Michigan Technological University
Justin Foley Michigan Technological University
Brett Girard Girard Michigan Technological University
Matthew Tronnes Michigan Technological University
Christopher Verhulst Michigan Technological University
Timothy Viola Michigan Technological University
Adam Doll Minnesota State University
Mitch Johnson Minnesota State University
John Julian Minnesota State University
Ryan Burgdorfer University of Missouri-St Louis
Andreas Dimke University of Missouri-St Louis
Peter Hantack University of Missouri-St Louis
Boris Simic University of Missouri-St Louis
Fritz Dlabik Northern Kentucky University
Adam Hurst Ouachita Baptist University
Ondrej Vana Ouachita Baptist University
Lucas Colombo Palm Beach Atlantic
Anthony Brock Newton Palm Beach Atlantic
Adam Bales Rockhurst University
Garrett Fischer Rockhurst University
Josh Hollis Rockhurst University
Paul Ravkin Rockhurst University
William Rockwood Rollins College
Qi-hao Tan Rollins College
Emilio El Alabi Southwest Baptist University
Alexisz Kacamakisz Southwest Baptist University
Agustin Mollar-Vigh Southwest Baptist University
Hunter Beal Tusculum College
Nocolas Bigler Tusculum College
Henrique Rodrigues Tusculum College
Wilton Atkins Western New Mexico University
Rafael Catay Western New Mexico University
Francisco Pereira Western New Mexico University
Luke Salazar Western New Mexico University
Lloyd Wilton Western New Mexico University
Mitchell Lvovsky Wingate University
Braeden Patchell Wingate University

ITA All-Academic Teams - Division II Women (46)
Abilene Christian University
Alabama in Huntsville, University of
Arkansas Tech University
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Barry University
Bellarmine University
Benedict College
Bentley College
Brevard College
California University of PA
Central Oklahoma, University of
Charleston, University of
Clarion University of PA
Columbus State University
Drury University
Erskine College
Florida Southern College
Georgian Court University
Grand Valley State University
Hawaii Pacific University
Indianapolis, University of
Johnson C. Smith University
Lewis University
Lincoln Memorial University
Lynn University
Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
Michigan Technological University
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Missouri-St. Louis, University of
Northeastern State University
Northern Kentucky University
Northwood University
Ouachita Baptist University
Palm Beach Atlantic
Pfeiffer University
Rockhurst University
Rollins College
Saint Edward's
Saint Rose, The College of
Slippery Rock University
South Dakota, University of
Southern Arkansas University
Southwest Baptist
Southwest Minnesota State University
Tarleton State University
Tusculum College

ITA Scholar Athletes - Division II Women (197)
Megan Brown Abilene Christian University
Sarah Drummond Abilene Christian University
Natalie Friend Abilene Christian University
Maria Squillaci Abilene Christian University
Aleksandra Vucic Abilene Christian University
Lauren White Abilene Christian University
Mireia Fernandez Alabama in Huntsville, University of
Mar Piernavieja Alabama in Huntsville, University of
Emily Taylor Alabama in Huntsville, University of
Stacy Wetmore Alabama in Huntsville, University of
Jessica James Arkansas Tech University
Whitney Simmons Arkansas Tech University
Alisa Kagukina Armstrong Atlantic State University
Alida Muller-Wehlau Armstrong Atlantic State University
Iuliia Stupak Armstrong Atlantic State University
Laime Contreras Barry University
Saskia Kruse Barry University
Olivia Lilien Barry University
Berit Peterson Barry University
Angie Werschel Barry University
Helen Wisniewski Barry University
Elizabeth Bohnert Bellarmine University
Lauren Cotton Bellarmine University
Maria Hornung Bellarmine University
Jaime Key Bellarmine University
Lindsay McKnight Bellarmine University
Amy Puerto Bellarmine University
Sarah Roebker Bellarmine University
Katy Sutton Bellarmine University
Kelly Fleszar Bentley College
Cheryl Martin Bentley College
Kelly Nugent Bentley College
Aimee Tetu Bentley College
Kim Cooper Brevard College
Sara Douglas Brevard College
Kayley Duval Brevard College
Lindsay Shaeffer Brevard College
Princess Manassah Cal State Los Angeles
Jennifer Avila Cal State Los Angeles
Nina Kowalski California University of PA
Helena VanEysendeyk California University of PA
Heidi Miller University of Central Arkansas
Amelia Cabato Central Oklahoma, University of
Dominika Kovacikova Central Oklahoma, University of
Daria Titkina Central Oklahoma, University of
Melissa Carpenter Charleston, University of
Alexa Kay Charleston, University of
Neha Rana Charleston, University of
Christina Samoilov Charleston, University of
Lisa Baumgartner Clarion University of PA
Kassie Leuschel Clarion University of PA
Megan Parsons Clarion University of PA
Cori Rombach Clarion University of PA
Daniela Castillo Columbus State University
Tamiris Diversi Columbus State University
Roxana Dondera Columbus State University
Lindsey Groenewald Columbus State University
Erin Reynolds Columbus State University
Lindsey Castrodale Drury University
Eva Hankova Drury University
Thu Ha Mai Drury University
Laure Piquemal Drury University
Kacie Knox Erskine College
Mary Claire Rollins Erskine College
Nora Baertschi Florida Southern College
Erin Conroy Florida Southern College
Senka Softic Florida Southern College
Sarah Collins Florida Tech
Michaela Horvathova Florida Tech
Brette Baldwin Fort Hays State University
MaryKate McKee Fort Hays State University
Whitney Lightfoot Georgia College
Autumn Florez Georgian Court University
Melissa Gaffney Georgian Court University
Corrine Stinemire Georgian Court University
Katelyn Grashorn Grand Valley State University
Jenna Killips Grand Valley State University
Audrey Koopsen Grand Valley State University
Jaime Oppenlander Grand Valley State University
Emily Zellner Grand Valley State University
Anastasiya Ageychik Hawaii Pacific University
Elena Hudzikova Hawaii Pacific University
Samantha Kate Mathews Hawaii Pacific University
Megan Farley Indianapolis, University of
Lindsey Fischer Indianapolis, University of
Jeannie Hartley Indianapolis, University of
Ashley Liles Indianapolis, University of
Aly Neidlinger Indianapolis, University of
Laura Phillipp Indianapolis, University of
Ceciley Starkey Indianapolis, University of
Melanie Sullivan Indianapolis, University of
Kristen Volz Indianapolis, University of
Jae Hargett Johnson C. Smith University
Brittany Laws Johnson C. Smith University
Jennifer Lee Johnson C. Smith University
Anni Pajunen Lander University
Vuokko Vahatalo Lander University
Clare Kessler Lewis University
Jordan Lynde Lewis University
Erin Piechocinski Lewis University
Melanie Sandberg Lewis University
Allison Schmitz Lewis University
Michelle Wright Lewis University
Kathleen Combs Lincoln Memorial University
Emily Osborne Lincoln Memorial University
Kathleen Rollet Lincoln Memorial University
Christine Johnstone Lynn University
Katie Klibanoff-Dombrowski Lynn University
Alexandra Schunk Lynn University
Victoria Weltz Lynn University
Jennifer Daly Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
Kimberly Ezzo Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
Jaclyn McLean Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
Meghan Raynor Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
Samantha Jang-Stewart Michigan Technological University
Silvia Oliveros Michigan Technological University
Asel Otunchieva Michigan Technological University
Amy Palmgren Michigan Technological University
Danielle Stoll Michigan Technological University
Paige Burke Minnesota State University, Mankato
Kate Maland Minnesota State University, Mankato
Ami Nishida Minnesota State University, Mankato
Sarah Westman Minnesota State University, Mankato
Sara Davidson Missouri-St. Louis, University of
Stacy Goodman Missouri-St. Louis, University of
Stephanie Thompson Missouri-St. Louis, University of
Alicja Augustynska Northeastern State University
Karolina Cichon Northeastern State University
Zuzanna Osinska Northeastern State University
Michaela Romanova Northeastern State University
Stephanie Isaacs Northern Kentucky University
Emily Okerson Northern Kentucky University
Michelle Schirmann Northern Kentucky University
Nicole Kromer Northwood University
Allison Smith Northwood University
Mariana Divardin Ouachita Baptist University
Natalia Drada Ouachita Baptist University
Whitney Noechel Ouachita Baptist University
Montserrat Ripoll Palm Beach Atlantic
Madeleine Billeter Pfeiffer University
Mia Bobrowski Pfeiffer University
Patricia Dominguez Pfeiffer University
Heather Smith Pfeiffer University
Catherine Thomas Pfeiffer University
Kandice Belanger Rockhurst University
Caitlin Buckley Rockhurst University
Jaycie Schmidt Rockhurst University
Julie Schwarz Rockhurst University
Alli Crocker Rollins College
Silvia Frandji Rollins College
Sydni Katz Rollins College
Marnie Mahler Rollins College
Regina Del Bosque Saint Edward's
Elizabeth Jacobi Saint Edward's
Giselle Lopez Saint Edward's
Caryn McGraw Saint Edward's
Annie Ruscoe Saint Edward's
Rachel Knight Saint Rose, The College of
Katelyn Mockry Saint Rose, The College of
Rachael O'Brien Saint Rose, The College of
Stephanie Paine Saint Rose, The College of
Kathleen Henley Shippensburg University
Melissa Herron Slippery Rock University
Christina Rhodes Slippery Rock University
Lara Rizzi Slippery Rock University
Christina Rubino Slippery Rock University
Casey Runyan Slippery Rock University
Kelly Stanger Slippery Rock University
Jessica Burchill South Dakota, University of
Janea Hagen South Dakota, University of
Jenny Lewellen South Dakota, University of
Melanie Rochne South Dakota, University of
Rijalda Zejnic South Dakota, University of
Deana Brooks Southeastern University
Sara Schmidt Southeastern University
Aneeka Bhalla Southern Arkansas University
Ana Gonzalez-Dorado Southern Arkansas University
Caitlin Korensek Southern Arkansas University
Meaghan Ocanas Southern Arkansas University
Megan Phinny Southern Arkansas University
Rachel Vinsant Southern Arkansas University
Stephanie Aug Southwest Baptist
Jolee Cook Southwest Baptist
Jenna Hendrickson Southwest Baptist
Lauren Hodson Southwest Baptist
Chelsey Janzen Southwest Baptist
Patricia Moceo Southwest Baptist
Amy Daniels Southwest Minnesota State University
Ananda Ferrari Southwest Minnesota State University
Danielle Hildebrandt Southwest Minnesota State University
Ramona Lerch Southwest Minnesota State University
Diana Naatz Southwest Minnesota State University
Shannon Jordan Tarleton State University
Melanie Zilles Tarleton State University
Bronwyn Hartley Tusculum College
Blake Thompson Tusculum College
Anna Baronayte West Virginia State University
Sarah Bowen West Virginia State University
Emily Bowlin West Virginia State University
Eben Russell West Virginia State University
Zoe Hartas Wingate University

ITA All-Academic Teams - Division III Men (36)
Averett University
Bates College
Bowdoin College
Calvin College
Carleton College
Carnegie Mellon University
Chicago, University of
Colby College
Gettysburg College
Goucher College
Grove City College
Haverford College
Hobart College
Hope College
Ithaca College
Lewis & Clark College
Luther College
Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Middlebury College
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Redlands, University of
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Skidmore College
St. Mary's College of Maryland
Swarthmore College
Texas at Dallas, University of
Trinity University (Texas)
Tufts University
Wabash College
Wartburg College
Washington University in St. Louis
Westminster College
Whitman College
Williams College
Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of

ITA Scholar Athletes - Division III Men (242)
Matthew Chiricosta Allegheny College
Nicholas Lieb Allegheny College
Timothy McClung Allegheny College
Shawn Palmeri Allegheny College
Greg Ruth Augustana College (IL)
Marcelo Diaz Averett University
Erick Ocampo Averett University
Danilo Acosta Bates College
Maxwell Berger Bates College
Michael Reiss Bates College
Tyler Anderson Bowdoin College
Noah Buntman Bowdoin College
Alex Caughron Bowdoin College
Andrew Fried Bowdoin College
Matt Kuise Bowdoin College
James Neeley Bowdoin College
Silvio Chiba California-Santa Cruz, University of
Justin Dorfman California-Santa Cruz, University of
Ilya Gendelman California-Santa Cruz, University of
Max Liberty-Point California-Santa Cruz, University of
Colin Mark-Griffin California-Santa Cruz, University of
Ryan Sass California-Santa Cruz, University of
Marc Vartabedian California-Santa Cruz, University of
Eric Tai California Institute of Technology
Brian Ventura California Institute of Technology
Wesley Yu California Institute of Technology
Andrew DeVlieger Calvin College
Andrew Rescorla Calvin College
Ricky Tilton Calvin College
Mike Goorhouse Calvin College
Brendan Cooper Carleton College
Julian Tokarev Carleton College
Eirik Thoen Carleton College
Jordan Hughes Carleton College
Andrew Clearfield Carnegie Mellon University
Stephen Kuhn Carnegie Mellon University
Spencer Svetcov Carnegie Mellon University
Ravi Raghavan Carnegie Mellon University
Vladimer Bakhutashvili Chicago, University of
Garrett Brinker Chicago, University of
Stephen Saltarelli Chicago, University of
Timothy Walsh Chicago, University of
William Zhang Chicago, University of
Jacob Braig Christopher Newport University
Ryan Berber Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Benjamin Hough Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Michael 'Mikey' Lim Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Myles Crandall Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Andrew Sabater Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Alex Chin Colby College
Tim Fuhriman Colby College
Zack Schuman Colby College
Scott Zeller Colby College
Jason Woods Drew University
Brandon Brown Ferrum College
Bob Dill Ferrum College
Christopher Bruno Gettysburg College
Jonathan Walter Gettysburg College
Chris Covey Goucher College
Andrew Gerst Goucher College
Jeff McLeod Goucher College
Amit Rosenberg Goucher College
William Weiss Goucher College
David Sutton Greensboro College
Daniel LaFountaine Grinnell College
Daniel Malarkey Grinnell College
Christopher Baker Grove City College
Peter Davis Grove City College
William Derocha Grove City College
Jeremy Dwyer Grove City College
Jon Pombo Grove City College
Ashok Jethwa Gustavus Adolphus College
Joshua A Knutson Gustavus Adolphus College
Charlie Paukert Gustavus Adolphus College
Kevin Stickney Gustavus Adolphus College
Marc Adelberg Haverford College
Connor Bischak Haverford College
Alexander Buxbaum Haverford College
Stephen Feder Haverford College
Rutwik Kharkar Haverford College
Thomas Kinrade Haverford College
Matthew Kokot Haverford College
Jeffrey Monhait Haverford College
Marc Rudolph Haverford College
Christopher Steinroeder Haverford College
Evan Stiegel Haverford College
Aidan Uh Haverford College
Aaron Weitz Haverford College
Hailiu Yang Haverford College
Charlie Davis Hobart College
Sam Georgian Hobart College
Harry King Hobart College
Oliver Meeker Hobart College
James Micheroni Hobart College
Parker Pedersen Hobart College
Elliot Taxman Hobart College
Bradley Boelkins Hope College
Jonathan Lautz Hope College
John Pelton Hope College
John Schlotz Hope College
Jeff Vredenburg Hope College
Jeffrey Buffum Ithaca College
Andrew Dunnick Ithaca College
Seth Magnani Ithaca College
Alexander Stoler Ithaca College
Daniel Wolk Ithaca College
Joe Vasoontara Johns Hopkins University
Tripp Weber Johns Hopkins University
McNeil Parker Kenyon College
Jeremy Polster Kenyon College
Dylan Barnard Lewis & Clark College
Andrew Davy Lewis & Clark College
Luke Wheeler Lewis & Clark College
Tim Eisele Luther College
Jono Martin Luther College
Mark Mateski Luther College
Brad Nelson Luther College
Matt Olson Luther College
Thomas Orser Luther College
Jared Wiklord Luther College
Zach Detwiler Mary Washington, University of
Ryan Costonia M.I.T.
Jonathan Farm M.I.T.
David Iba M.I.T.
Vinith Misra M.I.T.
Peden Nichols M.I.T.
Michael Price M.I.T.
Ken Van Tilburg M.I.T.
Michael E Malhame Middlebury College
Christpher Mason Middlebury College
Andrew Peters Middlebury College
Michael Carlson Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Andrew Olian Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Michael Powell Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Nick Tagliarino Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Cameron Taylor Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Ben Weinstein Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
John Williford Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Karim Bataineh Penn State Harrisburg
Keith Lynn Penn State Harrisburg
Daniel Adachi Redlands, University of
Zach Hasenyager Redlands, University of
Mike Reading Redlands, University of
Eric Wagar Redlands, University of
Tyler Snedden Rhodes College
Matt Westbrook Rhodes College
Daniel Barbash Rochester, University of
Brian Bowman Rochester, University of
Ryan Kovaleski Rochester, University of
Patrick Sheehan Rochester, University of
Brad Bolte Roger Williams University
Seth Hendrickson Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Evan Thomas Salisbury University
Spencer Cheng Skidmore College
Yahia Imam Skidmore College
Jared Karlebach Skidmore College
John Martin Skidmore College
Amin Danai St. Lawrence University
Ryan Gillard St. Lawrence University
Christopher Tamm St. Lawrence University
Jeremy Butanis St. Mary's College of Maryland
Alex Djinis St. Mary's College of Maryland
Brett Hermans St. Mary's College of Maryland
Travis Horrom St. Mary's College of Maryland
Viani Kamlev St. Mary's College of Maryland
Andrew MacLaughlin St. Mary's College of Maryland
Matt Bergstrom St. Thomas (Minn.), University of
Kevin Manzel St. Thomas (Minn.), University of
Cinh Le Stevens Institute of Technology
Carlo Padro Stevens Institute of Technology
Suneal Bedi Swarthmore College
Justin diFeliciantonio Swarthmore College
Noah Pang Swarthmore College
Nathan Hendra Texas at Dallas, University of
Donald Kasitinon Texas at Dallas, University of
Stanley Siu Texas at Dallas, University of
Andrew Stark Texas at Dallas, University of
Steven Campbell Texas at Tyler, University of
Brad Fenter Texas at Tyler, University of
Nick Kreines Texas at Tyler, University of
Robert Sajovich Texas at Tyler, University of
Thomas M. Dolan III Trinity College, Connecticut
Andrew Allen Trinity University,TX
Jose Borges Trinity University,TX
James Furr Trinity University,TX
David Lesko Trinity University,TX
Varun Munjal Trinity University,TX
Jeffrey Stine Trinity University,TX
David Tran Trinity University,TX
Anthony Carucci Tufts University
William Fleder Tufts University
Daniel Landers Tufts University
Andrew Rosen Tufts University
Jonathan Trott Tufts University
Tomasz Wilmanski Tufts University
Bryan Wilner Tufts University
Sean Clerget Wabash College
Jay Horrey Wabash College
William Pelak Wabash College
Ricky Ritter Wabash College
Ryan Waldon Wabash College
Anthony Greco Wartburg College
Andrew Kahler Wartburg College
Brian Danver Washington College
Todd Green Washington College
Nirmal Choradia Washington University in St. Louis
Eric Pollak Washington University in St. Louis
Isaac Stein Washington University in St. Louis
Max Woods Washington University in St. Louis
Seth Feibelman Washington and Lee University
William Hall IV Washington and Lee University
Timothy Ross Washington and Lee University
Jeffrey Canning Waynesburg University
John Eicher Westminster College
Scott Lawrence Westminster College
Chapman Beekman Wheaton College (MA)
Kyle Hudgins Wheaton College (MA)
Eric Pelletier Wheaton College (MA)
Chris Bailey Whitman College
Christoph Fuchs Whitman College
Justin Hayashi Whitman College
Robert Rye Whitman College
Matt Solomon Whitman College
Dan Wilson Whitman College
Greg Cooke Wilkes University
Josh Gardner Wilkes University
Jordan Helvie Willamette University
Geoffrey Klein Willamette University
Micah Mack Willamette University
Eric Macmillan Willamette University
Ari Binder Williams College
Rick Devlin Williams College
Dan Greenberg Williams College
Kenny Taubenslag Williams College
Bret Thacher Williams College
Seth Breunig Wisconsin Oshkosh, University of
Nate Kilsdonk Wisconsin Oshkosh, University of
Doug Marmar Wisconsin La Crosse, University of
Sam Talarczyk Wisconsin La Crosse, University of
Daniel Glinert Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of
Kyle Halweg Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of
Gianandrea Heyer Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of
Ian Hintz Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of
Alexander Lowe Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of
Erich Palecek Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of
John Reed Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of
David Stefanik Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of

ITA All-Academic Teams - Division III Women (70)
Agnes Scott College
Bates College
Calvin College
Carleton College
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Chicago
Colby College
DePauw University
Gettysburg College
Goucher College
Goucher College
Gustavus Adolphus College
Haverford College
Hollins University
Hope College
Huntingdon College
Ithaca College
Johns Hopkins University
Lewis & Clark College
Luther College
Methodist University
Middlebury College
Mills College
Millsaps College
Moravian College
Mount Holyoke College
Muhlenberg College
Muskingum College
New York University
Nichols College
Oberlin College
Ohio Northern University
Pomona-Pitzer College
Rhodes College
University of Rochester
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
UC Santa Cruz
College of St. Benedict
College of St. Catherine
St. Mary's College of Maryland
University of St. Thomas (Minn.)
Simmons College
Skidmore College
Smith College
Spelman College
Stevens Institute of Technology
Stevenson University
Swarthmore College
University of Texas at Dallas
Trinity University
Tufts University
USC Upstate
Vassar College
Wartburg College
Washington and Lee University
Washington University in St. Louis
Waynesburg University
Wellesley College
Westminster College
Wheaton College (IL)
Whitworth University
Wilkes University
Willamette University
William Smith College
Williams College
Wilmington College
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

ITA Scholar Athletes - Division III Women (389)
Tara Brinkman Agnes Scott College
Amanda Chaffin Agnes Scott College
Nikitris Deloach Agnes Scott College
Esther Kaplan Agnes Scott College
Sheri Hendricks Augustana College
Emily Doemland Augustana College
Tricia Crawford Augustana College
Kayla Craddock Averett University
Kerrie Fallen Averett University
Caryn Benisch Bates College
Caroline Gottlieb Bates College
Jean Gulliver Bates College
Anne Taylor Smith Bates College
Kate Lambert Birmingham-Southern College
Stephanie Langer Bowdoin
Liz Pedowitz Bowdoin
Kristen Raymond Bowdoin
Rachel Waldman Bowdoin
Christine Nichol University of California, Santa Cruz
Megan Jean Sweeney University of California, Santa Cruz
Abigail Belford Calvin College
Kelsey Bushhouse Calvin College
Rachel DeGroot Calvin College
Melisa Oosterhouse Calvin College
Kaitlain Spoelhof Calvin College
Cristina Stavro Calvin College
Rachel Stikwerda Calvin College
Katie Bates Carleton College
Hannah Clemmons Carleton College
Anna Decatur Carleton College
Hannah Goldberg Carleton College
Lisa Ottum Carleton College
Amy Teller Carleton College
Sarah Wehrly Carleton College
Kelly Hart Carnegie Mellon University
Kelly Nakamura Carnegie Mellon University
Danielle Rosenfeld Carnegie Mellon University
Samantha Schultz Carnegie Mellon University
Karolyn Hays Centre College
Elizabeth Jones Centre College
Meredith Mayfield Centre College
Sarah Swauger Centre College
Christina Hu University of Chicago
Justine Kentla University of Chicago
Christina Simpetru University of Chicago
Elena Stratigakes University of Chicago
Jennifer Walters University of Chicago
Julie Achenbaum Colby College
Tara Davidson Colby College
Natash de Sherbinin Colby College
Nicole Veilleux Colby College
Erin Andrade DePauw University
Elizabeth Drewes DePauw University
Kristine Lewry DePauw University
Kayla Smith DePauw University
Preeya Khandge Drew University
Lalita Nekkanti Drew University
Kelly Eurich Gettysburg College
Shelly Gottesfeld Gettysburg College
Alison Moyer Gettysburg College
Mouna Attarha Goucher College
Mouna Aharha Goucher College
Dana Clark Goucher College
Dana Clark Goucher College
Hilary Fast Goucher College
Kim McPhail Goucher College
Kimberly McPhail Goucher College
Joan Pulupa Goucher College
Joan Palupa Goucher College
Kathryn Shaw Goucher College
Laura Arnebeck Gustavus Adolphus College
Jenny Arnfelt Gustavus Adolphus College
Julie Bardenwasper Gustavus Adolphus College
Erica Dobson Gustavus Adolphus College
Sam Frank Gustavus Adolphus College
Sierra Krebsbach Gustavus Adolphus College
Christine Reimes Gustavus Adolphus College
Brittany Teuplin Gustavus Adolphus College
Jenni White Gustavus Adolphus College
Leah Burcat Haverford College
Miriam Carroll Haverford College
Katherine Drooyan Haverford College
Sarita Kapadia Haverford College
Meaghan Ryan Haverford College
Katharine Wettick Haverford College
Anne Elizabeth Ailstock Hollins University
Sarah Marie Budrus Hollins University
Wenti Du Hollins University
Nathalie Anne Faure Hollins University
Vedika Mehera Hollins University
Tiffany Nichole Robinette Hollins University
Sara Patrice Sullivan Hollins University
Lucy Himes Hope College
Marissa Koogers Hope College
Christine Garcia Hope College
Katherine Garcia Hope College
Nicole Spagnuolo Hope College
Kallie Walker Hope College
Kathryn Sawyer Hope College
Katherine Oosting Hope College
Rebekah Correia Huntingdon College
Hannah Lee Dickinson Huntingdon College
Brandy Milstead Huntingdon College
Riley Presscott Huntingdon College
Amanda Thomley Huntingdon College
Nicole Weldon Huntingdon College
Melanie Cohen Ithaca College
Rachel Gunderson Ithaca College
Emma Hunter Ithaca College
Lindsey Johnston Ithaca College
Agata Kubik Ithaca College
Ellen Berlinghof Johns Hopkins University
Deborah Blass Johns Hopkins University
Stephanie Carr Johns Hopkins University
Brittany Matava Johns Hopkins University
Johanna Sheu Johns Hopkins University
Lindsay Dillon Kennesaw State University
Ayano Tanaka Kennesaw State University
Jenna Wright Kennesaw State University
Paige MacDonald Kenyon College
Alexis Marino Kenyon College
Alexandra Dixon Lewis & Clark College
Alison Hudson Lewis & Clark College
Teresa Kiemnee Lewis & Clark College
Maggie Peach Lewis & Clark College
Justine Allen Luther College
Kelsie Allen Luther College
Amy Christenson Luther College
Fran Fairfield Luther College
Katie Nichols Luther College
Courtney Goimarac University of Mary Washington
Katherine Malpeli University of Mary Washington
Rebecca Morse-Karzen University of Mary Washington
Stacey Rickard University of Mary Washington
Leighton Bull Methodist University
Kaitlin Flaherty Methodist University
Heather Ford Methodist University
Lauren Hulse Methodist University
Jennifer Smith Methodist University
Tiffany Tucker Methodist University
Clare Burke Middlebury College
Elizabeth Emery Middlebury College
Chandra Kurien Middlebury College
Claire Smyser Middlebury College
Nikki Bannister Mills College
Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner Mills College
Lisa Kelly Mills College
Beth Fossen Millsaps College
Mimi Nguyen Millsaps College
Mary Kate Rees Millsaps College
Beth Sadler Millsaps College
Sheena Bhalla MIT
Leslie Hansen MIT
Sonya Makhni MIT
Emily Onufer MIT
Karina Pikhart MIT
Yi Wang MIT
Rebecca Angstadt Moravian College
Mary Hopper Moravian College
Dyana Swan Moravian College
Ariadne Cantlin Mount Holyoke College
Elisa Frankel Mount Holyoke College
Janine Gresko Mount Holyoke College
Natalie Hsiang Mount Holyoke College
Helena Jedziniak Mount Holyoke College
Catherine Knight Mount Holyoke College
Sarah London Mount Holyoke College
Elise Marifian Mount Holyoke College
Meaghan Sloane Mount Holyoke College
Elizabeth Tighe Mount Holyoke College
Jessica Lorenzen College of Mt. Saint Vincent
Jacquelyn Magner Muhlenberg College
Danielle Winston Muhlenberg College
Lauren Grafe Muskingum College
Jenni Gramstad Muskingum College
Nicole Meyer Muskingum College
Carrie Sanor Muskingum College
Katharina Weisflog Muskingum College
Jennifer Gottlieb New York University
Jaclyn Manning New York University
Holly Smith New York University
Meghan Smith New York University
Katherine Bishop Nichols College
Jacquelyn Henderson Nichols College
Molly McGuire Nichols College
Kimiko Glynn Oberlin College
Marta Robertson Oberlin College
Jaclyn Hillis Ohio Northern University
Kristen Timperman Ohio Northern University
Ashley Yontz Ohio Northern University
Jessica Karl Penn State University-Harrisburg
Jill Deyermond Plymouth State University
Christina Kolb Plymouth State University
Meghan Rodier Plymouth State University
Katie Cettie Pomona-Pitzer College
Lindsay Clough Pomona-Pitzer College
Siobhan Finicane Pomona-Pitzer College
Zoe Fisher Pomona-Pitzer College
Katie Gosewehr Pomona-Pitzer College
Kasey Grewe Pomona-Pitzer College
Elspeth Hilton Pomona-Pitzer College
Alexandra Margolen Pomona-Pitzer College
Olivia Muesse Pomona-Pitzer College
Kathryn Myers Pomona-Pitzer College
Chloe Schaefer Pomona-Pitzer College
Kasyn Stevenson Pomona-Pitzer College
Jenn Wilcox Pomona-Pitzer College
Aya Kato Rhodes College
Durham Kyle Rhodes College
Margaret Tufton Rhodes College
Melinda Beckmann University of Rochester
Colleen Cross University of Rochester
Michelle Desrosiers University of Rochester
Deborah Katz University of Rochester
Diane Samuels University of Rochester
Lia Weiner University of Rochester
Jessica Manners Roger Williams University
Haley McCraven Roger Williams University
Kelsey Parente Roger Williams University
Leah Ribchinsky Roger Williams University
Katelin Richard Roger Williams University
Megan Chann Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Mandie Gehring Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Amanda Grantz Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Kristin Wilson Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Lauren Faber Simmons College
Katy Hallinan Simmons College
Allison Kukla Simmons College
Lindsay Hartley Skidmore College
Rachel Loeb Skidmore College
Ashley McEvoy Skidmore College
Caroline Sherman Skidmore College
Kyra Travis Skidmore College
Vida Chen Smith College
Alanna Dick Smith College
Seiko Fujii Smith College
Allyson Hawkins Smith College
Catherine Hill-Lydecker Smith College
Jordan Casey University of the South
Taylor Bernard Spelman College
Danielle Hannah Spelman College
Donnica Hawes-Saunders Spelman College
Christina McIntosh Spelman College
Sierra Mullen Spelman College
Gabrielle Pingue Spelman College
Veronica Smith Spelman College
Elissa Husby College of St. Benedict
Melissa Kampa College of St. Benedict
Megan Wrobel College of St. Benedict
Beth Yokiel College of St. Benedict
Susan Hallquist College of St. Catherine
Kasie Rust College of St. Catherine
Samantha Shoberg College of St. Catherine
Patrice Sullivan College of St. Catherine
Jamie Weber College of St. Catherine
Chelsea Hubbell St. Lawrence University
Mackenzie Hall St. Lawrence University
Katherine Garlock St. Mary's College of Maryland
Erin Marzoli St. Mary's College of Maryland
Coleen O'Neil St. Mary's College of Maryland
Jerilyn Rogalski St. Mary's College of Maryland
Sarah Weisse St. Mary's College of Maryland
Brittany Bachman University of St. Thomas (Minn.)
Allison Bruflodt University of St. Thomas (Minn.)
Alexandra Frank University of St. Thomas (Minn.)
Hadley Syverd University of St. Thomas (Minn.)
Kendra Appleheimer Stevens Institute of Technology
Allyson Kingman Stevens Institute of Technology
Natalie Schloeder Stevens Institute of Technology
Samantha Rasnake Stevenson University
Lauren Hamphries Stevenson University
Megan Henszey Stevenson University
Barbara Hnizda Stevenson University
Erica Lukoski Swarthmore College
Jamie Midyette Swarthmore College
Marissa Lee Swarthmore College
Rachel Wallwork Swarthmore College
Kathryn Stockbower Swarthmore College
Laura Anderson University of Texas at Dallas
Sylvia Brownfield University of Texas at Dallas
Edilia Cuevas University of Texas at Dallas
Susan Heston University of Texas at Dallas
Lily Lorkowski University of Texas at Dallas
Beth Launius University of Texas at Tyler
Hope Brittany Ude University of Texas at Tyler
Sarah Gould Trinity College
Amanda Tramont Trinity College
Sarah Chalos Trinity University
Megan Fish Trinity University
Alicia Hunt Trinity University
Megan Jackson Trinity University
Laura Steinmetz Trinity University
Jennifer Taylor Trinity University
Erica Miller Tufts University
Courtney Burks Vassar College
Caroline Dunn-Rankin Vassar College
Alexandra Jacobson Vassar College
Elysa Kliman Vassar College
Nicole Pontee Vassar College
Amanda Barkema Wartburg College
Molly Eslick Wartburg College
Susie McArdle Wartburg College
Ashley Richards Wartburg College
S. Rhodes Proctor Washington and Lee University
Margaret A. Spalitta Washington and Lee University
Mary K. Tabb Washington and Lee University
Rebecca Timmis Washington and Lee University
Leah C. Weston Washington and Lee University
Kelly L. Will Washington and Lee University
Victoria L. Christmas Washington and Lee University
Katherine E. Duncan Washington and Lee University
Katherine A. Harris Washington and Lee University
Carly Berg Washington University in St. Louis
Jaclyn Bild Washington University in St. Louis
Kalee Cassady Washington University in St. Louis
Allison Dender Washington University in St. Louis
Elise Dorsett Washington University in St. Louis
Stacey Goebel Washington University in St. Louis
Karina Kocemba Washington University in St. Louis
Stephanie Marlis Washington University in St. Louis
Stephanie Paul Washington University in St. Louis
Victoria Danielczuk Waynesburg University
Dana Davis Waynesburg University
Laura Garcia Waynesburg University
Britni Green Waynesburg University
Jessica Mally Waynesburg University
Alexandra Yackel Waynesburg University
Jane Booth-Tobin Wellesley College
Nathalie Herman Wellesley College
Jenny Kendall Wellesley College
Jenna Mezin Wellesley College
Shivani Saxena Wellesley College
Jennifer Schwartzkopf Wellesley College
Rachel Bradshaw Western New England College
Nicole Freed Western New England College
Meredith Hughes Western New England College
Victoria Pratt Western New England College
Aimee Schapp Western New England College
Christina Commisso Westminster College
Trista Houck Westminster College
Dana Larson Westminster College
April Scudere Westminster College
Anna Will Westminster College
Kirsten Friedl Wheaton College (IL)
Shannon Hale Wheaton College (IL)
Ellen Monkemeier Wheaton College (IL)
Maya Milic-Strkalj Wheaton College (MA)
Angela Anegon Whitworth University
Linh Aven Whitworth University
Justine Hays Whitworth University
Christine Kirkpatrick Whitworth University
Megan Bucher Wilkes University
Katie Buckley Wilkes University
Caitlin Kelley Wilkes University
Michelle Knight Wilkes University
Alison McDonald Wilkes University
Xiaoqiao Zhang Wilkes University
Alaine Anderson Willamette University
Tiffany Kim Willamette University
Alyssa Morrison Willamette University
Jamie Slonaker Willamette University
Gaby Berkman William Smith College
Erinn Cain William Smith College
Shari Damon William Smith College
Grace Balijon Williams College
Katrina Ferrara Williams College
Katie Friedman Williams College
Angie Hancock Williams College
Allie Rottkamp Williams College
Sarah Amling Wilmington College
Liz Amling Wilmington College
Erin Cane Wilmington College
Debra Stewart Wilmington College
Jessica Walt Wilmington College
Carlie Bohrman University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Katie Cegelski University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Katie McDonald University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Anna Schmidt University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Sarah Schoenwaelder University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Brittany Braasch University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Melissa Fosdick University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Kayla Kodet University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Michelle Daciolas University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Tiffany Dawson University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Jessica Farrar University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Abigail Martin University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Kendra Mikulek University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Kellene Rutkowski University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Ingrid Stensraag University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Jenny Woyahn University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

ITA All-Academic Teams - NAIA Men(8)
Biola University
Clarke College
Embry-Riddle University
Indiana Tech
Lewis-Clark State College
Nebraska Wesleyan University
Roberts Wesleyan College
William Jewell College

ITA Scholar Athletes - NAIA Men (45)
Ryan Adams Biola University
Justin Mart Biola University
Alex Quan Biola University
Daniel Westman Biola University
Andy Bishop Clarke College
Ethan Holly Clarke College
Alexander Kelsheimer Clarke College
Jamie Seidl Clarke College
Joel Smith Clarke College
Joseph Turek Clarke College
Carlos Bes Comeras Embry-Riddle University
Mislav Hizak Embry-Riddle University
Konstantin Lazarov Embry-Riddle University
Luke Maricic Embry-Riddle University
Alex Perez Embry-Riddle University
Charles Rice Embry-Riddle University
Brandon Barger Indiana Tech
Bryan Sexton Indiana Tech
Jose Dillavisencio Indiana Tech
Craig Wassel Indiana Tech
Daniel Yamamoto Indiana Tech
Cedrick Dufour Lewis-Clark State College
Ali Faris Lewis-Clark State College
Kevin Lee Lewis-Clark State College
Mickael Sopel Lewis-Clark State College
Nathan Anderson Nebraska Wesleyan University
Eric Holmes Nebraska Wesleyan University
Christopher Northup Nebraska Wesleyan University
Scott Ronshaugen Nebraska Wesleyan University
Eric Tesmer Nebraska Wesleyan University
Eric Doke University of Northwestern Ohio
Logan Wise University of Northwestern Ohio
Adam Schofield Ohio Dominican
Cory Oestreich Ohio Dominican University
Michael Simon Ohio Dominican University
Brandon Barrett Roberts Wesleyan College
Ryan Brask Roberts Wesleyan College
Maciej Maksymiuk Roberts Wesleyan College
Sam States Roberts Wesleyan College
Dima Chiriacov Savannah College of Art & Design
Jan Menzen Savannah College of Art & Design
Mathew Hanson Southwestern College
Lancelot Williams Southwestern College
Philippe Andermatt Webber International University
Michael Holmes William Jewell College
Kyle Lehenbauer William Jewell College
Cody Pflugradt William Jewell College

ITA All-Academic Teams - NAIA Women(12)
Biola University
Brenau University
Clarke College
Indiana Tech
Lewis-Clark State College
Marian College (Indiana)
Nebraska Wesleyan University
Ohio Dominican University
Roberts Wesleyan College
Southwestern College
Webber International University
William Jewell College

ITA Scholar Athletes - NAIA Women (68)
Casey Wetzig Azusa Pacific University
Christina Garner Biola University
Kelli Shiroma Biola University
Sarah Snyder Biola University
Natalie Aranguren Brenau University
Diana Cardenas Brenau University
Paula Ghilardotti Brenau University
Jolene Wong Brenau University
Marrissa Alexander Clark College
MacKenzie Foley Clark College
Diana Baumann Clarke College
Amanda Fleege Clarke College
Sara Abraul Embry-Riddle University
Natalie Anaya Embry-Riddle University
Lindsey Kurtz Embry-Riddle University
Cassie Barroguillo Indiana Tech
Marcela Bosch Indiana Tech
Courtney Hardin Indiana Tech
Jessica Saba Indiana Tech
Kaylan Crane Lewis-Clark State College
Chelsea Gay Lewis-Clark State College
Elaine Lee Lewis-Clark State College
Kristin Twedt Lewis-Clark State College
Hannah Holmes Marian College (Indiana)
Kathryn Kegley Marian College (Indiana)
Katrina Kriocs Marian College (Indiana)
Loriann Laugle Marian College (Indiana)
Roxanne Rose Marian College (Indiana)
Michelle Sizemore Marian College (Indiana)
Mikayla Albin Nebraska Wesleyan University
Shelly Baker Nebraska Wesleyan University
Natalie Brooks Nebraska Wesleyan University
Rebecca Brown Nebraska Wesleyan University
Mikaela Caudill Nebraska Wesleyan University
Chelsea Henslee Nebraska Wesleyan University
Sarah Howe Nebraska Wesleyan University
Jessica Piscke Nebraska Wesleyan University
Rachel Cox University of Northwestern Ohio
Jamie Hilborn University of Northwestern Ohio
Ruchika Alahakoon Ohio Dominican University
Amanda Hollenbaugh Ohio Dominican University
Emily Sampsel Ohio Dominican University
Katie Strancar Ohio Dominican University
Heather Byam Roberts Wesleyan College
Katie Dempster Roberts Wesleyan College
Emily Fratini Roberts Wesleyan College
Bethany Iacucci Roberts Wesleyan College
Stephanie Jones Roberts Wesleyan College
Heather Jones Roberts Wesleyan College
Alicia Jones Roberts Wesleyan College
Stephanie Monaghan Roberts Wesleyan College
Moran Monaghan Roberts Wesleyan College
Jackie Murphy Roberts Wesleyan College
Lauren Schaertel Roberts Wesleyan College
Meghan Wheeler Roberts Wesleyan College
Irina Plijusznyin Savannah College of Art & Design
Madison Lumm Southwestern College
Kourtney McLeland Southwestern College
Lindsey Morgan Southwestern College
Lauren Petty Southwestern College
Julie Wilke Southwestern College
Charlotte Alriksson Webber International University
Yini Esquilin Webber International University
Debra Bowman William Jewell College
Nikki Chambers William Jewell College
Allison Cobb William Jewell College
Megan Groninger William Jewell College
Ann Lewis William Jewell College

ITA All-Academic Teams - Junior College Men (4)
Cypress College
Riverside Community College
Meridian Community College
Tyler Junior College

ITA Scholar Athletes - Junior College Men (27)
Robert Zachary Bujnoch University of Arkansas Fort Smith
Jarrett Beasley Central Alabama Community College
Mitchel Harmon Central Alabama Community College
Michael Smith Central Alabama Community College
Eric Gotianse Cypress College
Raheem Raasikh Cypress College
Benjamin Thompson-Star Cypress College
Ryan Stanbury Glendale Community College
Elliott Howard Clark Meridian Community College
Justin Chase Newman Meridian Community College
Joe John Otto Meridian Community College
William Blake Sherman Meridian Community College
David Shrock Meridian Community College
Juan Nicholas Zabrodiec Meridian Community College
Justin Barrett Pearl River Community College
Camilo Almeida Riverside Community College
Daniel Coelho Riverside Community College
Jaco Gerbrands Riverside Community College
Rashad Khamis Riverside Community College
Andrew T. Carter Seminole State College
Brett R. Little Seminole State College
Jeff W. Seebeck Seminole State College
Nicholas L. Stiefer Seminole State College
Clay Cypert Tyler Junior College
Clay Mundele Tyler Junior College
Roman Petrunin Tyler Junior College
Shane Smith Tyler Junior College

ITA All-Academic Teams - Junior College Women(6)
Copiah-Lincoln Community College **
Holmes Community College
Meridian Community College
Pearl River Community College
Seminole State College
Tyler Junior College

ITA Scholar Athletes - Junior College Women (34)

McKenzie McCullough University of Arkansas Fort Smith
Maria Fernanda Mendes University of Arkansas Fort Smith
Aurelie Meyer University of Arkansas Fort Smith
Kodi Bobo Central Alabama Community College
Whitney Kyzar Copiah-Lincoln Community College
Lauren Mitchell Copiah-Lincoln Community College **
Mindy Morse Copiah-Lincoln Community College **
Ashli Walker Copiah-Lincoln Community College **
Tsz To Chan Foothill College **
Jessica Lays Foothill College **
Lynne Stark Foothill College **
Cheryl Sundheim Foothill College **
Martha Daniels Holmes Community College
Christina Pate Holmes Community College
Stephanie Rodriguez Lee College
Molly Moon Meridian Community College
Meghan Bliss Pigott Meridian Community College
Kelly Sterling Meridian Community College
Jodi Webb Meridian Community College
Courtney Danielle Cochran North Central Texas College
Brittane’e George North Central Texas College
Cimen Soy North Central Texas College
Hannah Harris Pearl River Community College
Kara Strebeck Pearl River Community College
Nilufar Izadpanah Santa Monica College
Alisa Olinova Santa Monica College
Sara Anic Seminole State College
Cassandra L. Kleber Seminole St College
Morgan D. Whitmire Seminole St College
Therese Karlsson Tyler Junior College
Ashley Longoria Tyler Junior College
Iris Rendon Tyler Junior College
Kelly Rittenhouse Tyler Junior College
Sureena Weir Tyler Junior College

Note: ** (missing registrar’s stamp)