2012 ITA All-Academic Teams and Scholar-Athletes

ITA All-Academic Teams - Division III Men

Allegheny College
Amherst College
Baldwin-Wallace College
Bard College
Bowdoin College
Cal Tech
Calvin College
Carleton College
Carnegie Mellon University
Central College
Centre College
Colby College
Eastern Nazarene College
Grove City College
Gustavus Adolphus College
Hartwick College
Haverford College
Hendrix College
Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Hope College
Johns Hopkins University
Kalamazoo College
Kenyon College
Lycoming College
Middlebury College
Moravian College
Oberlin College
Pomona Pitzer Colleges
Principia College
Redlands, University of
Regis College
Rhodes College
Rochester, University of
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Skidmore College
St. Olaf College
Trinity University (TX)
Tufts University
University of the Ozarks
Washington & Lee University
Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Waynesburg University
Webster University
Western New England
Wheaton College (IL)
Whitworth University
Williams College
Wisconsin-La Crosse, University of

ITA Scholar Athletes - Division III Men

Nathan Garletts Alfred University
Stefan Nonnenmann Alfred University
Eric Teller Alfred University
Patrick Cole Allegheny College
Alex Hurtuk Allegheny College
Keith Meyer Allegheny College
Brenton Arnaboldi Amherst College
Karan Bains Amherst College
Chris Dale Amherst College
Joseph Fritz Amherst College
Matt Lerner Amherst College
Eli Mlaver Amherst College
Chris Morrison Amherst College
Kade Pettie Amherst College
Luis Rattenhuber Amherst College
Will Rives Amherst College
Andrew Scheiner Amherst College
Robby Sorrel Amherst College
Sam Sperling Amherst College
Sam Ubersax Amherst College
Wes Waterman Amherst College
Brad Minrovic Baldwin-Wallace College
Kyle Patterson Baldwin-Wallace College
Alex Trzeciak Baldwin-Wallace College
Raed Al Abbasee Bard College
Brian Bollman Bard College
Alexandre Khondji Bard College
Kevin McDonald Bard College
Erik Wallulis Bard College
Nicholas Fenichell Bowdoin College
Casey Grindon Bowdoin College
Samuel King Bowdoin College
Kyle Wolstencroft Bowdoin College
Pete Hawkins Bridgewater College
Christian Lynn Bridgewater College
Evan Stack Bridgewater College
Anish Agarwal Cal Tech
Da An Cal Tech
Ryan Batterman Cal Tech
Brian Kim Cal Tech
Jeff Picard Cal Tech
Alex Runkel Cal Tech
Marec Serlin Cal Tech
Jeff Shen Cal Tech
Ben Waxer Cal Tech
Fred Zhao Cal Tech
Cody Kowalcyk California Lutheran University
Thomas Millet California Lutheran University
Daniel Bettwy California Santa Cruz, University of
Andre Halabi California Santa Cruz, University of
Erich Koenig California Santa Cruz, University of
Maximillian Littlejohn California Santa Cruz, University of
Michael Saria California Santa Cruz, University of
Elias Scandalis California Santa Cruz, University of
Brian DeMaagd Calvin College
Stephen Healy Calvin College
John Strikwerda Calvin College
Ben Huang Carleton College
Nelson Wolf Carleton College
William Duncan Carnegie Mellon University
Felix Hong Carnegie Mellon University
Julian Pearlman Carnegie Mellon University
Jooho Yu Carnegie Mellon University
David Bouska Central College
Josh Forst Central College
Kyle Freischlag Central College
John Seier Central College
Andrew Howard Centre College
Lucas Kelley Centre College
Parker Lawson Centre College
Daniel Miller Centre College
Woody Rini Centre College
Eric Theodore  Centre College
Chris Williams Chapman University
Kevin Smyth Chapman University
William "Max" Mullen Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges
Andrew Duckworth Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges
Alex Johnson Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges
Daken Starkenburg Coe College
Joseph Albano Colby College
Matthew Carroll Colby College
Samuel Grant Colby College
Matthew Mantikas Colby College
Lucas Martin Colby College
Jason Ottomano Colby College
Robert Yee Colby College
Jeff Basch Connecticut College
Jeffrey Weisberger Connecticut College
Grant Veltman Denison University
Casey Cempre Denison University
Austin Steelman Eastern Nazerene College
Sam Son Eastern Nazerene College
Tim Luz Eastern Nazerene College
Weston Jordan Eastern Nazerene College
Sergio Rivera Farmingdale State College
Ben Fullhart George Fox University
Nolan Staples George Fox University
Ethan Budgar Gettysburg College
Christopher Curran Gettysburg College
John Nelson Gettysburg College
Michael Cole Grinnell College
Eric Ritter Grinnell College
Caleb Fuller Grove City College
Stephen Harrison Grove City College
Daniel McLaughlin Grove City College
Scott Yanak Grove City College
Patrick Clark Gustavus Adolphus College
Bradley Entwistle Gustavus Adolphus College
Bryan Miles Gustavus Adolphus College
Rodrigo Otero Gustavus Adolphus College
Brooks Stapleton Gustavus Adolphus College
Andrew Lutz Hamline University
William E. Gilbraith Hartwick College
Keith F. O'Connor Hartwick College
Brian W. Redder Hartwick College
Matthew Cebsel Haverford College
John Cuannings Haverford College
Devin Van Dyke Haverford College
Will Garrett Haverford College
Robert Homar Haverford College
Sloan Milligan  Haverford College
Matt Romei Haverford College
Matty Sergay Haverford College
Jake Weisenthal Haverford College
Kent Dunson Hendrix College
Michael Gardner Hendrix College
Udai Garimella Hendrix College
Eli Harpst Hendrix College
Payton Lea Hendrix College
Casey Wynn Hendrix College
Luke DeLuccia Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Michael Fields Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Walter Green Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Matthew Hursh Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Kevin Kent Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Nicholas Vonderheyde Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Davis Vanderveen Hope College
Kyle Kreps Hope College
Daniel Owns Hope College
Gabe Casher Hope College
Paker Bussies Hope College
David Andersen Ithaca College
James Newton Ithaca College
Kyle Riether Ithaca College
Nate Strinzinger Ithaca College
Ryan Zuckerman Ithaca College
Jacob Barnaby Johns Hopkins University
Tanner Brown Johns Hopkins University
Michael Chi-Ming Chang Johns Hopkins University
Edward Corty Johns Hopkins University
Morgan Dauer Johns Hopkins University
Jeffrey Kamei Johns Hopkins University
Joonas Karajalainen Johns Hopkins University
Jeremy Schwartz Johns Hopkins University
Warren Arthur Elgort Johns Hopkins University
Brice Morey Juniata College
Elliot Perow Juniata College
Kyle Solage  Juniata College
Samuel Amoabeng Kalamazoo College
Mark Denenfeld Kalamazoo College
David DeSimone Kalamazoo College
Alex Dombos Kalamazoo College
Nate Eddy Kalamazoo College
Mike Korn Kalamazoo College
Peter Rothstein Kalamazoo College
Paul Burgin Kenyon College
Wade Heerboth Kenyon College
Jonathan Matthews Kenyon College
Charles Williams Kenyon College
Anatoliy Mykhaylovsky Lake Forest College
Quinn Roth-Carter Lewis & Clark College
Oliver Groot Lewis & Clark College
Nicholas Pfeiffer Lewis & Clark College
Tyler Zinnecker Luther College
Dan Warden Luther College
Tyler Van Heest Luther College
Scott Sundstrom Luther College
Nick Mozena Luther College
Frankie Casale Lycoming College
Jason Mifsud Lycoming College
Jack Port Lycoming College
Devin Rachael Lycoming College
Will Apperson Mary Washington, University of
Ryan Byrd Mary Washington, University of
Greg Patterson Methodist University
Brantner Jones Middlebury College
Spencer Lunghino Middlebury College
Teddy Fitgibbons Middlebury College
Eric Vehovic Middlebury College
Andrew Lebovitz Middlebury College
Malte Schick Millsaps College
Biafra Ahanonu MIT
Tymor Hamamsy MIT
Max Nelson MIT
Brian Oldfield MIT
Larry Pang MIT
Neel Patel MIT
Jeffrey Sperling MIT
Michael Walsh MIT
Edwin Zhang MIT
I Ngai Chan Moravian College
Lewis Cooper Moravian College
Kevin Holze Moravian College
Bradley Kutcha Moravian College
Daniel Saucier Nichols College
Andrew Haas Nichols College
Arsen Gasparyan Nichols College
David Drucker Nichols College
Stephen Carella Nichols College
Joe Leffler Oberlin College
Charlie Marks Oberlin College
Shahab Raza Oberlin College
William Towne Oberlin College
Soren Zeliger Oberlin College
Scott Kawamura Pacific Unviersity (Oregon)
Evan Liu Pacific Unviersity (Oregon)
Matthew Casbarro Penn State Harrisburg
Fan "Jerry" Ouyang Penn State Harrisburg
Alex Groth Pomona Pitzer Colleges
Uday Singh Pomona Pitzer Colleges
Francis Allinson Pomona Pitzer Colleges
Kevin Prescott Pomona Pitzer Colleges
Joseph DeBruin Pomona Pitzer Colleges
Christopher Walters Pomona Pitzer Colleges
Max Sabel Pomona Pitzer Colleges
Chris Wiechert Pomona Pitzer Colleges
Paul Sanderude Principia College
Jason Wissman Principia College
Nate Waters Principia College
Kevin Hagenlocher Principia College
Andrew Rohrer Principia College
Hal Gordon Redlands, University of
Taylor Hunt Redlands, University of
Gram Leahy Redlands, University of
Max Licona Redlands, University of
Patrick Lipscomb Redlands, University of
Anish Nanda Redlands, University of
Jack Reynolds Redlands, University of
Mouhamed Diallo Regis College
Matthew Smolko Regis College
Morgan Slevin Rhodes College
Ryley Erhardt Rhodes College
John Alexander Rhodes College
Taylor Simmons Rhodes College
Mason Asbury Rhodes College
Ben Evans Rhodes College
Joel Allen Rochester, University of
Phillip Kellogg Rochester, University of
Jonathan Lieb Rochester, University of
Matthew Volkov Rochester, University of
Zachary Bussiere Roger Williams University
Devin Fritz Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Stephan Lemmer Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Nathan Moore Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Ian Stevenson Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Connor Rust Saint John's University (MN)
Willie Paul Saint John's University (MN)
Monaf Awwa Salve Regina University
Aaron Isch Salve Regina University
Rand Jackson Sewanee: The Unviersity of the South
Maximilian Bevan Skidmore College
Oliver Loutsenko Skidmore College
Jimmy Sherpa Skidmore College
Gabriel Steerman Skidmore College
Alexander Hoblitzell Skidmore College
Andy Clarage Southwestern University
Thomas Hoesman St. Mary's College of Maryland
John Feighner St. Mary's College of Maryland
Andrew Gear St. Mary's College of Maryland
Elliot Russell St. Mary's College of Maryland
Jon Foss St. Olaf College
Knute Gundersen St. Olaf College
Charlie Reinertsen St. Olaf College
John Wight St. Olaf College
Edward Timponi Texas at Tyler, University of
Matthew Vechione Texas at Tyler, University of
Kevin Wright Texas at Tyler, University of
Eli von Berg Texas Lutheran University
David Schneider Texas Lutheran University
Julio Benavides Trinity University (TX)
Eshan Jayamanne Trinity University (TX)
Aaron Skinner Trinity University (TX)
Austin Blau Tufts University
Morris Bossen Tufts University
Samuel Laber Tufts University
Zachary Ladwig Tufts University
Andrew Lutz Tufts University
Andrew McHugh Tufts University
Jeffrey Taylor Tufts University
Mark Westerfield Tufts University
Lyle Analetto University of Massachusetts, Boston
Charles Lai University of Massachusetts, Boston
Peter Wright University of St. Thomas (MN)
Allen-Michael Muench University of St. Thomas (MN)
Kevin Lanigan University of St. Thomas (MN)
Daniel Cooper University of St. Thomas (MN)
Matthew Arant University of the Ozarks
Bishop Bass University of the Ozarks
Tanner Holman University of the Ozarks
Todd Turner University of the Ozarks
Joshua Trueblood Wartburg College
Blayne Willadsen Wartburg College
Frederic M. Davis Washington & Lee University
Christopher Hu Washington & Lee University
Vincent O. Kim Washington & Lee University
Ryan Holtscheider Washington College
Joel Novick Washington College
Kevin Paper Washington College
Cameron Chiang Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Max Franklin Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Bryan Haywood Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Jeffrey Hirsh Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Connor Mulhall Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Tim Noack Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Gary Parizher Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Adam Putterman Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Seth Sankary Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Isaiah Cochran Waynesburg University
Colin Phillips Waynesburg University
Alexander Tenenbaum Waynesburg University
Diego Alarcon Webster University
Wakeel Rahman Webster University
Josh Sellmeyer Webster University
Agustin Villalba Webster University
Chad Bennett-Bonn Western New England
Marcus Godin Western New England
John Mindek Western New England
Peter Nassar Western New England
John Paul Ouellette Western New England
Mark Andino Westminster College, PA
Sean Black Westminster College, PA
Miles Greenwald Wheaton College (IL)
Jordan Williams Wheaton College (IL)
Joel Parrish Wheaton College (IL)
David Buursma Wheaton College (IL)
Atanas Atanasov Whitman College
Adriel Borshansky Whitman College
Robert Holton-Burke Whitman College
Colton McLean Malesovas Whitman College
Michael Dimler Whittier College
Chris Schommer Whittier College
Stefan Dernbach Whitworth University
Ben Hamming Whitworth University
Alvin Le Whitworth University
Daniel Redfern Whitworth University
Micah Spaun Whitworth University
John Talbot Whitworth University
Dustin McConnell Whitworth University
Josh Wong Willamette University
Will Agnew-Svaboda Willamette University
Bryan Chow Williams College
Thomas Daubert Williams College
Charles Hammond Williams College
Richard Meyer III Williams College
Matthew Michel Williams College
James Page Williams College
Will Petrie Williams College
Adam Reich Williams College
Kevin Shallcross Williams College
Felix Sun Williams College
Zach Weiss Williams College
Stefan DeLong Wisconsin-La Crosse, University of
Nick Piotrowski Wisconsin-La Crosse, University of
Kinan Al Bitar Wisconsin-Oshkosh, University of
Kevin Lewis Wisconsin-Oshkosh, University of
Eddie Ashkenazie Yeshiva University
Eliezer Gewirtz Yeshiva University

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