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2009 ITA Regional Award Winners for NCAA Division I Tennis

Note: Please use "Intercollegiate Tennis Association" or "ITA" in the title of the awards for press releases, bios, etc. These awards are not administered by the "NCAA". Appropriate wording is something similar to "ITA Senior Player of the Year for NCAA Division I tennis." Award descriptions are located at the bottom of the page.
Wilson/ITA Coach of the Year
Northeast Scott Wilkins Boston College
Mait DuBois
Brian Boland
UNC Wilmington (co-winner)
University of Virginia (co-winner)
Southeast Sam Winterbotham University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Midwest Brian Etzkin Cleveland State
Central James Wadley Oklahoma State University
South Central Matt Knoll Baylor University
Mountain Don Ball New Mexico State
Tad Berkowitz
Ty Tucker
University of Arizona
Ohio State University
ITA Assistant Coach of the Year
Northeast John Moreland Navy
Mideast Tony Bresky University of Virginia
Southeast Cedric Kauffmann University of Kentucky
Midwest Chris Drake Northwestern University
Central Yevgen Bondarchuk Oklahoma State University
South Central Bob McKinley Texas A&M University
Mountain Carlos Vargas New Mexico State
Nick Carless
Kyle Spencer
Baylor University
ITA/Arthur Ashe Award for Leadership & Sportsmanship
Northeast Chris Clayton Harvard
Mideast Jay Weinacker NC State
Southeast Jamie Hunt University of Georgia
Midwest Jared Miller Toledo
Central Blake Strode University of Arkansas
South Central Christoph Muller Rice University
Mountain Graeme Kassautzki New Mexico
West Omar Altmann Pepperdine
Farnsworth/ITA Senior Player of the Year
Northeast Chris Clayton Harvard
Mideast Cory Parr Wake Forest
Southeast Bruno Agostonelli University of Kentucky
Midwest Bryan Koniecko Ohio State
Central Arnau Brugues University of Tulsa
South Central Conor Pollock Texas A&M University
Mountain Johnny Parkes New Mexico
West Thong Tu University of San Francisco
ITA Rookie Player of the Year
Northeast Akash Muppidi Boston College
Mideast Jaime Pulgar North Carolina State University
Southeast Devin Britton University of Mississippi
Midwest Dennis Nevolo University of Illinois
Central Christopher Aumueller University of Nebraska
South Central Raony Carvalho Texas Tech University
Mountain James Meredith Boise State
West Bradley Klahn Stanford
ITA Player to Watch
Northeast Alexei Chijoff-Evans Harvard
Mideast Guillermo Gomez Georgia Tech
Southeast Saketh Myneni University of Alabama
Midwest Roy Kalmanovich University of Illinois
Central Oleksandr Nedovyesov Oklahoma State University
South Central Austin Krajicek Texas A&M University
Mountain Jim Brouleau New Mexico State
West Pedro Zerbini California
ITA National Men's Team Indoor
All-Tournament Team

No. 1 – Robert Farah, USC 
No. 2 – Sanam Singh, Virginia
No. 3 – Steven Moneke, Ohio State 
No. 4 – Ryan Thacher, Stanford
No. 5 – Richard Wire, Stanford
No. 6 – Drew Courtney, Virginia
No. 1 – Singh/Barrick, Virginia 
No. 2 – Inglot/Shabaz, Virginia
No. 3 – Garrapiz/Bernstein, Georgia

Wilson/ITA Coach of the Year
East Paul Wardlaw Brown University
Southeast Angelo Anastopoulo College of Charleston
South Jenny Mainz Alabama
Midwest Mark Ardizzone DePaul University
Central Dean Orford University of Tulsa
Southwest Tony Minnis LSU
Northwest Jill Hultquist Washington
Richard Gallien
Jeff Wallace
University of Georgia
ITA Assistant Coach of the Year
East Alexandra Arlak Rutgers
Southeast Katarina Petrovic University of South Carolina
South Oliver Foreman Florida State University
Midwest Dave Emery University of Illinois
Central Jeroen Joling University of Arkansas
Southwest Colin Foster TCU
Northwest Damon Coupe Washington
West West Nott USC
ITA/Arthur Ashe Award for Leadership & Sportsmanship
East Pamela Duran University of Richmond
Southeast Tara Byrne East Tennessee State University
South Shelley Godwin University of Alabama
Midwest Dunja Antunovic DePaul University
Central Mackenzie White University of New Mexico
Southwest Macall Harkins TCU
Northwest TDB
West Danielle Steinberg University of Arizona
ITA/Cissie Leary Award for Sportsmanship
East Smaranda Stan Buffalo
Southeast Austin Smith University of North Carolina
South Lauren Macfarlane Florida State University
Midwest Kerstin Pahl Western Michigan University
Central Klaudia Wlodarczyk Boise State University
Southwest Sarah Lancaster Texas
Northwest Ekaterina Kamendova Washington State
West Erynne Oki UC Riverside
ITA Senior Player of the Year
East Beier Ko Harvard University
Southeast Laura Gioia Furman University
South Alex Haney Auburn University
Midwest Georgia Rose Northwestern University
Midwest Kelcy Tefft University of Notre Dame
Central Ela Kaluder University of Arkansas
Southwest Megan Falcon LSU
Northwest Melanie Gloria Fresno State
West Amanda Fink USC
ITA Rookie Player of the Year
East Lauren McHale Princeton
Southeast Mallory Cecil Duke
South Chelsey Gullickson University of Georgia
Midwest Sonja Molnar University of Iowa
Central Mary Weatherholt University of Nebraska
Southwest Marta Lesniak SMU
Northwest Jana Juricova California
West Natasha Marks Arizona
ITA Player to Watch
East Molly Scott Dartmouth College
Southeast Josipa Bek Clemson University
South Julia Cohen University of Miami
Midwest Kristy Frilling University of Notre Dame
Central Pichitta Thongdach Boise State University
Southwest Jelena Stanivuk Baylor University
Northwest Mari Andersson California
West Kelcy McKenna

Arizona State

ITA National Women's Team Indoors
All-Tournament Team

No. 1 – Chelsey Gullickson, Georgia (MOP)
No. 2 – Ellah Nze, Duke
No. 3 – Mari Andersson, California
No. 4 – Claire Ilcinkas, California
No. 5 – Naoko Ueshima, Georgia
No. 6 – Shannon Matthews, Notre Dame

No. 1 – Georgia Rose/Lauren Lui, Northwestern 
No. 2 – Maria Mosolova/Keri Robison, Northwestern 
No. 3 – Samantha Murray/Elena Chernyakova, Northwestern

Award descriptions

The ITA/Arthur Ashe Award for Leadership and Sportsmanship goes to a player who has exhibited outstanding sportsmanship and leadership as well as scholastic, extracurricular and tennis achievements.
The ITA Player to Watch Award goes to a player who has an outstanding season and is expected to perform at a high level the rest of his or her career. This award’s criteria also includes a player’s sportsmanship and character.
The Rafael Osuna Award goes to a men's player who displays sportsmanship, character, excellent academics, and has had outstanding tennis accomplishments.
The John Van Nostrand Memorial Award is a stipend that goes to an outstanding senior men's player who plans to pursue a professional career after college.
The Cissie Leary Award for Sportsmanship goes to a women’s player who displays inspiring dedication and commitment to her team, which has enhanced her team’s performance and exemplified the spirit of college tennis.

* - Osuna and Van Nostrand Award nominees are not regional award winners, but rather nominees put forth by their respective regional committees for the national award consideration.