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Timothy Russell, Chief Executive Officer

September 29, 2017

Dear Coaches:

As many of you know, three weeks ago Hurricane Irma hit the Naples, Florida area. In the aftermath of the storm, The
Naples Grande Beach Resort advised us that following a brief closure the hotel would be back open for business in short
order. Despite our initial conversations with the staff at The Naples Grande, the hotel has just informed us that it will now
need to remain closed through the end of 2017, not re-opening until January 2018.

On September 27th The Naples Grande Beach Resort wrote the following to the ITA: as a result of hurricane Irma and the
extensive damage the resort received, which was greater than originally anticipated, the Impossibility/Force Majeure
clause in the contract will be enforced as this is an Act of God.

Unfortunately, because of the inability of The Naples Grande to host our 2017 ITA Coaches Convention as noted above,
we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s convention.

In addition to our governance meetings (General Membership, Board, Operating Committees, and Operating Council), we
know that many of you look to the convention for opportunities to connect with your fellow coaches and to further your
education as a coach. We will be getting together as a team in the coming weeks to look at creating alternative
engagement and educational opportunities for everyone during 2017-18 season. Please stay tuned.

We are aware that some of you have already registered for the 2017 Convention and some may have already booked your
flights. We will be issuing refunds for registration fees in the coming weeks. As for flight issues, we suggest that, if you
have already booked a flight, you contact your airline as soon as possible to inform it of this “Act of God” cancellation.
You should be able to use this letter as official documentation when dealing with your airline.

If you serve as an Operating Committee member, expect an update from our team in the coming weeks regarding
alternative meeting plans.

All of us at the ITA are disappointed we will not be seeing all of you in December. We were all very excited about our
new schedule and format as well as our slate of speakers and presenters. We will certainly look to create ways in the
coming season to assist you in Engaging our Community: Leading with Passion!

Yours sincerely,
Timothy Russell, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
1130 E. University Drive, Suite 115, Tempe, Arizona 85281

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