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ITA Social Media Sprint

ITA Social Media Sprint

Contest Details
Week 1 Winner:
Fatima Perez - ITA Summer Circuit T-Shirt
Week 2 Winner: Amy Jensen - ITA Drawstring Bag
Week 3 Winner: Keith McLain - ITA Summer Circuit T-Shirt
Week 4 Winner: Tod Meisner - ITA Drawstring Bag 

Week 5 Winner: Jim Chao - ITA Summer Circuit T-Shirt
Grand Prize Winner: Darryn Davis 

How to Enter: All individuals will be automatically entered into the contest by “liking” or “sharing” an ITA Facebook post related to the ITA Summer Circuit or “retweeting” or “favoriting” a Summer Circuit related ITA Tweet after the contest begins on July 2. All “sharing” and “retweeting” must be done under a public privacy setting in order for your contest entry to be counted. Remember, however, to return your privacy settings back to their previous setting after entering. 

All tweets during the period (July 2 – August 13) will use the hashtag: #ITASummerCircuit

Rules: There will be five weekly winners and a Grand Prize winner during the summer months, announced every Wednesday beginning on July 10. An ITA Facebook post or Tweet can be shared multiple times, but will only count as one entry, so entries max out at the number of posts (Facebook and Twitter combined) the ITA distributes. A re-post counts as an individual entry into the current week’s prize. Every Wednesday, the re-posts will be tallied and a winner will be drawn at random (chances to win increase with number of re-posts).

Remember: ALL RE-POSTS COUNT TOWARD THE GRAND TOTAL.The individual who shares the most Facebook posts and Tweets from July 2-August 13 will win the Grand Prize.  If there is a tie, all contestants will be placed into a pool and a random winner will be drawn.


Make sure to use the #ITASummerCircuit in your own tweets. Be original, have fun!

For a full schedule and complete draw information, visit our 
2013 ITA Summer Circuit page.