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Nearly 30,000 men and women have competed in ITA Summer Circuit events since it began in 1993. The circuit provides college (and junior and alumni) players the opportunity to compete in organized events virtually year round. Although the primary focus of the circuit is to provide incoming freshman and collegiate players the chance to compete in the summer months, for NCAA compliance purposes, the events within the ITA Summer Circuit are categorized as "open"; therefore anyone is eligible to compete in these events as long as he/she is a current ITA member.

New in 2010 is the addition of the Mid-Atlantic Circuit as well as a fourth site (New Mexico) in the Mountain Circuit. The ITA Summer Circuit is currently made up of eight regional circuits (East, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Central, Mountain, Southwest and West) and all eight regions consist of four consecutive open tournaments played during the month of July, leading up to the August 7-11 ITA National Summer Championships in Bloomington, Indiana. 

All tournaments will use a 10-point match tie-breaker for the third set of singles; all doubles will be 8 game pro-sets.   An American player who competes in at least 3 tournaments and is the point leader for that Region will automatically qualify for the USTA/ITA National Summer Championships (point chart is below). Additional information specific to each tournament can be found on the registration page. 

2010 ITA/USTA National Summer Championship Winners

SummerChampionships_2010_Singles SummerChampionships_2010_Doubles







Host Indiana University

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2010 Week-by-Week Champions

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 Singles Consolation

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