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Women's California Rankings (Northern & Southern)
Administered by the ITA
May 21, 2012 (final)

Rank  School
1 Sierra College**
2 Palomar College
3 Santa Barbara City College
4 Riverside Community College
5 Orange Coast College
6 Fresno City College
7 Santa Rosa Junior College
8 Mt. San Antonio College
9 El Camino College
10 Glendale Community College
11 Reedley College
12 Grossmont College
13 Foothill College
14 Cabrillo College
15 Modesto Junior College
16 De Anza College
*17-25 not provided by Rankings Committee
** Note: Ventura College was voted No. 1 at the end of the season, but later had all wins vacated due to having a player ruled ineligible
Rank Player School
1 Jessica Worring**  Ventura College
2 Daria Kulbikova  Sierra College
3 Sophie Angner  Santa Barbara City College
4 Criss Rodriguez  Santa Monica College
5 Sonia Landeros  Ventura College
6 Mardee Littrell  Palomar College
7 Robin Zhou  De Anza College
8 Jeanette Losaria Saddleback College
9 Chun Young Shin El Camino College
10 Jourdan Jefferson  Mt. San Antonio College
11 Monica Borowicz  Santa Rosa Junior College
12 Amber Nelson  Grossmont College
13 Liesl Gallesky  Palomar College
14 Isabell Herrera  Reedley College
15 Haley Briggs  College of the Desert
16 Camille Requiestas  Riverside Community College
17 Sevana Zargarian  Glendale Community College
18 Chloe Vicari  Sierra College
19 Niki Juricic Santa Rosa Junior College
20 Presli Pilati  Modesto
21 Maddie Loomis  Fresno City College
22 Emma Sheehan  Fullerton College
23 Talia Hudson  Santa Barbara City College
24 Juliana Nelkin  Santa Monica College
25 Sofia Tavitian  Glendale College
26 Lindsay Guardado El Camino College
27 Julianne Carluen  Mt. San Antonio College
28 Kate Abston  Fresno City College
29 Krystal Hernandez  Orange Coast College
*30-50 not provided by Rankings Committee
** Note: Julianna Bacelar (Ventura) was voted No. 1 at the end of the season, but later had all wins vacated due to being ruled ineligible
Rank Doubles Team School
1 Sophie Angner/Talia Hudson**  Santa Barbara City College
2 Jessica Worring/Sonia Landeros  Ventura College
3 Criss Rodriguez/Juliana Nelkin  Santa Monica College
4 Daria Kulbikova/Jessica Miller  Sierra College
5 Sevana Zargarian/Samantha Sismundo  Glendale Community College
6 Jessica Ho/Chloe Vicari  Sierra College
7 Mardee Litrell/Hilary Ramage Palomar College
8 Kate Abston/Regina Leyba  Frenso City College
9 Isabel Herrera/Jasmine Martinez  Reedley College
10 Monica Borowicz/Kelsea Thomas  Santa Rosa Junior College
11 Emma Sheehan/Victoria Vo  Fullerton College
12 Elise Pilati/Presli Cusenza  Modesto Junior College
13 Courtnei Chance/Jacquie Ward Sierra College
14 Chun Young-Shin/Lindsay Guardado   El Camino College
15 Pam Cademas/Liesl Gallesky  Palomar College
16 Madelyn Koehly/Haley Moss  Orange Coast College
17 Julianne Carluen/Jourdan Jefferson  Mt. San Antonio College
18 Maddie Loomis/Allie O’Neill  Fresno City College
19 AJ Borja/Brooke Vorhees  Riverside Community College
20 Maja Martincevic/Amber Nelson  Grossmont College
21 Christine Lee/Nikki Thornburg Cypress College
22 Alyssa Harper/Megan Miller  Irvine Valley College
23 Nory Call/Krystal Hernandez  Orange Coast College
24 Nathaly Mounvong/Alexis Ronney  Grossmont College
** Note: Julianna Bacelar/Layne Gallimore were voted No. 1 at the end of the season, but later had all wins vacated due to Bacelar being ruled ineligible